This is how you start a company in the Netherlands

It’s never been easier to start a Dutch business in the Netherlands. The Dutch government has taken measures to make it as easy as possible for foreign entrepreneurs and start-ups to establish themselves and benefit from the country’s favorable tax system, open market and skilled workforce. We’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you on your way!

1. Register your company online

Register your company online: Navigate to the Government Portal and click on “Business and Industry” at the top of the page. Fill out form with all pertinent information and upload proof of your identity. Registering costs 13 euros for companies with one shareholder and 19,50 euros for companies with more than one shareholder.

2. Get a bank account

Begin by researching the variety of banks in your area. Consult with your chosen bank to find out about their requirements for opening an account, such as if they require you to be physically present in order to open the account. Some banks may also require that you deposit a certain amount before opening the account.

3. Apply for a trade license

In order to open a company in the Netherlands, you will also need to apply for a trade license from the municipality where you want to establish your headquarters. This document needs to be updated any time changes are made to the company’s board members or shareholder makeup. The process of applying for a trade license varies from municipality to municipality, so it is up to you to contact your local town hall and find out what the process will be.

4. Seek advice from a tax adviser

In addition to registering with the Chamber of Commerce, you should also seek advice from a Dutch tax advisor early on in the process. Tax advisors can be found online and it is not necessary for them to take up space at your headquarters to provide assistance. They can offer you information on all areas of Dutch taxation, such as labor taxes and income taxes.

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