The use of a kite school reservation system

The kite school reservation system was developed back in 2015 to program the prearrangement of students and tutors. As a result of the huge plea in the kitesurfing market for an online reservation system for kite schools, the team decided to put the system on the market. It was the Viking bookings.

Uses of kite school reservation system:

  • Automates all new payments
  • Programmes your planning;
  • Programmes your rescheduling;
  • Systematise billing at registration
  • Has transfiguration way out for your marketing;
  • Can saves up your planning time

How kites school reservation system professionalises businesses

This system helps you reserve and plan effortlessly and keep track of your corporation, making your company propagate quicker. Whatever you are undertaking now will take a little of the time with VIKING. It’s the key to reaching your goal. Once it is incorporated into the business, you can acquire the following.

  • Tighter scheduling
  • Tutors are more satisfied;
  • Clienteles are more satisfied;
  • A big timesaver
  • Your business will be cooler scalable;
  • Augmented affordability through targeted marketing;
  • Management faultless and programmed

Users of kites school reservation system

Every single kitesurf school plunges into identical obstacles, taking lots of time on labor-intensive tasks, glitches with your scheduling, and struggling with the booking process. The use of VIKING software has overcome steeplechases and driving development by systematizing everything.

With the kite school reservation system, you can run your industry minus struggling. This Viking system is the only software build unambiguously for kite schools. It permits customers to book, recompense, and program every kitesurfing class online. Tutors easily see their classes from their own protected login page. Viking software can be applied in the following fields:

  • Surf Schools
  • Sailing schools
  • Kitesurf Schools
  • SUP schools
  • Open-air sports
  • Gyms

Other fields where it can be used include kite surfing schools and beach sports.

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