The Dutch dairy technology

dutch dairy processing machines

When you travel through The Netherlands, you’re likely to spot many meadows with grazing cows on the mostly flat landscape. The milk they produce is skillfully processed by The Netherlands’ experienced farmers and professional dairy industry (dairy machine). You won’t be surprised that the Dutch have a long dairy tradition, with world famous cheeses like Gouda and Edam and many other products. In earlier centuries, all this was made by hand, but nowadays modern technology throws in a helping hand. 

Refurbished food machinery

In correlation with the dairy based food tradition, The Netherlands breeds some well established experts in the field. In that regard, Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food is a worldwide specialist in dairy processing machinery. Their specialty is to refurbish machines and offer them a second life anywhere in the world. This means that any food company who produces anything dairy related, can now make use of some first class Western European dairy technology.

Production lines

So, what could dairy processing machines help you produce? In what other parts of the food production process could technology be of use? In short: there’s a machine for everything. You could build a complete production line with dairy processing and packaging machines alone. The question is of course: what do you need? This is where The Netherlands’ expertise comes in handy. You see, the Dutch might be known (or feared) for their directness, they are also very fond of sharing passion and knowledge. So you can always contact an expert on dairy processing equipment, such as Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food, and learn more about machines that help you make, process and package butter, margarine, cheese, milk products and much more.

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Cheese making equipment

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