Frank Wren’s “How to Give a Hall-of-Famer the SHAFT!”

ATLANTA— I have plugged into my blackberry.  Whenever I get out on the internet, I start by opening up that website and checking in on news surrounding the Braves.

For weeks now, I’ve been reading headlines about Tom Glavine’s recovery.  Tom Glavine feels better after throwing in the outfield (April 28). Tom Glavine pitches 3 simulated innings, ready to begin his rehab (May 19). Tom pitches 5 scoreless innings in Gwinnett, close to returning to the Braves (May 28).  Tom pitches 6 scoreless innings in Rome, final start before joining the big league team (June 2).  Continue reading “Frank Wren’s “How to Give a Hall-of-Famer the SHAFT!””

Baseball Predictions: 2009 Might Be Full of Surprises!


ATLANTA— Tonight begins the 2009 baseball season, with the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies playing host to my beloved Atlanta Braves on ESPN.  And so with the start of a new season, I want to go ahead and put my thoughts on the line and provide my predictions for the upcoming year. Continue reading “Baseball Predictions: 2009 Might Be Full of Surprises!”