Until May, 1960. That date saw the first publication of an extraordinary new title from National Comics, now DC. The book was called “Tales of the Black Freighter”, and while its sales never quite topped those of the E.C. giants such as PIRACY and BUCCANEERS, in terms of critical acclaim and influence upon later books of the same type, TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER made an impression upon the comic book landscape that remains to this day. Indeed, with DC comic currently reprinting the first classic thirty issues of the title and apparently meeting with considerable success, it would seem that its impact remains undiluted despite the quarter century that has elapsed since the original publication.
—Excerpt from Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN, 1986

LONG BEACH— Watchmen. At the time of its release this was considered a classic. It is the only graphic novel to make the TIME All-Time Top 100 novel’s list. It’s also the only book I’ve ever read which seemed to foreshadow its own life cycle within a subplot. Continue reading “Watchmen”