Sustainable entrepreneurship as a starter

Achieving the climate goals is at the top of the list for many countries. It is still difficult to see if we are going to achieve this and how we are going to do this. We do see that more and more countries are working together in this area. As a starting entrepreneur, you can also figure out a few things. For entrepreneurs there are a lot of benefits you can get when you do business sustainably. What can we change and how do we do this in a responsible way? Let’s look further. This way you also know in which area you can benefit from your choice.

Choose the right staff

Prevent absenteeism as much as possible? Put the mental health of your staff first. You can stimulate your staff to take care of their health in various ways. The freedom and opportunity to have a conversation with each other about certain matters is important. You can also stimulate your staff by giving company discounts at various gyms and by investing in a modern office. In a modern office we see space to pause, play games, sit together and much more!

Do preliminary research into sustainable processes

Sustainable processes consist, for example, of using a cool container when you have to transport food or something else from one country to another. How can you produce something as sustainably as possible and still profit from it? Before you say yes to something, it is good to do some preliminary research. What are they doing right now, what’s coming, what can you do now? Are there also people in your area who already have more experience with this? Then it is always good to sit with them and look at options.

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