West Virginia, Almost Heaven

BECKLEY— West Virginia is a unique place.  Writing here at AmericanMissive.com, I like to think I bring a unique perspective to things.  A lot of this is because of my background and part of this background is where I was born, raised, and now make my home – deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia.

What is so unique about West Virginia? In the words of a New York sports writer for Yahoo the following:

You come from a place like West Virginia and you’re always being told what you can’t do. It’s too rural, too poor, too, well, too just West Virginian. If you’re going to succeed you have to leave, go off to somewhere bigger and fancier. It’s how it’s worked for generations. The possibilities are limited at home, limitless away. So off they go – many of the best and brightest seeking success elsewhere even as they carry their home state pride with them forever.

It’s not coal that is West Virginia’s greatest export. It’s people. Continue reading “West Virginia, Almost Heaven”


Spring Has Come

RALEIGH— Pitchers and catchers reported today for one of the best sports franchises in history. The oldest sports franchise in America. The longest continuously running sports franchise in America. The Atlanta Braves. Continue reading “Spring Has Come”


American Pastimes

RALEIGH— I woke up today and checked the news of the land. Continue reading “American Pastimes”



RALEIGH— I enjoy movies. Particularly movies which allow me to escape the every day and see something that could only be seen in a movie. Avatar is just that. Continue reading “Avatar”


The Dodgers Purge Pierre

RALEIGH— In 2007 the Dodgers, not to be upstaged by the cross town rival Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim who had just signed center-fielder Gary Matthews, Jr to a 5 year $50M contract, signed center-fielder Juan Pierre to a 5 year $44M contract. Continue reading “The Dodgers Purge Pierre”


Go Vols! Way to STOMP Georgia!

tennessee-fbATLANTA – When you are in the middle of a rebuilding year under a new coach, you usually are stuck trying to take joy in the small things.   Yesterday was a shock, though.  Stomping Georgia 45 – 19 behind a white hot Jonathan Crompton was no small thing.  Granted- the victory is probably meaningingless in an otherwise unimpressive season.   But you got to love sticking it to Georgia. Continue reading “Go Vols! Way to STOMP Georgia!”


Angels Win! The Devils Lose!

Angels Baseball Red Sox

LONG BEACH— The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim closed out a chapter in their book today. Taunted by the devil for Continue reading “Angels Win! The Devils Lose!”