Dead Goats and Week 2 K.E.P.

RALEIGH — On Saturday a goat died. This particular goat had prevented the Cubs from winning a Pennant for 70+ years.

I watched the entire game because it is baseball, it is October baseball, and it was certain to be history in the making one way or another. It was a good game. Hendricks pitched beautifully. The Cubs faced the minimum due to timely double plays. I would have loved to have seen a closer score, but it was a good game nonetheless.

You had to know this wasn’t going to go the Dodgers way. The third pitch by Kershaw took a fortuitous hop and landed in the bleachers for a lead off ground rule double. Then two batters later, a run is in and a fly ball lands in the Dodger left fielder’s glove only to jump back out and play in the grass. So, a funny bounce and an error on a routine fly ball and the Dodgers are down 2 before getting an out. Continue reading “Dead Goats and Week 2 K.E.P.”