West Virginia, Almost Heaven

BECKLEY— West Virginia is a unique place.  Writing here at AmericanMissive.com, I like to think I bring a unique perspective to things.  A lot of this is because of my background and part of this background is where I was born, raised, and now make my home – deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia.

What is so unique about West Virginia? In the words of a New York sports writer for Yahoo the following:

You come from a place like West Virginia and you’re always being told what you can’t do. It’s too rural, too poor, too, well, too just West Virginian. If you’re going to succeed you have to leave, go off to somewhere bigger and fancier. It’s how it’s worked for generations. The possibilities are limited at home, limitless away. So off they go – many of the best and brightest seeking success elsewhere even as they carry their home state pride with them forever.

It’s not coal that is West Virginia’s greatest export. It’s people. Continue reading “West Virginia, Almost Heaven”


SHOCK: Hawks Are 5 and 0! …Can It Possibly Last?

ATLANTA – The Atlanta professional sports scene is improving this fall and winter.  The Falcons are a surprising 6 and 3 and the Thrashers have been playing around .500.   But the big shocker to me Continue reading “SHOCK: Hawks Are 5 and 0! …Can It Possibly Last?”