Dead Goats and Week 2 K.E.P.

RALEIGH — On Saturday a goat died. This particular goat had prevented the Cubs from winning a Pennant for 70+ years.

I watched the entire game because it is baseball, it is October baseball, and it was certain to be history in the making one way or another. It was a good game. Hendricks pitched beautifully. The Cubs faced the minimum due to timely double plays. I would have loved to have seen a closer score, but it was a good game nonetheless.

You had to know this wasn’t going to go the Dodgers way. The third pitch by Kershaw took a fortuitous hop and landed in the bleachers for a lead off ground rule double. Then two batters later, a run is in and a fly ball lands in the Dodger left fielder’s glove only to jump back out and play in the grass. So, a funny bounce and an error on a routine fly ball and the Dodgers are down 2 before getting an out. Continue reading “Dead Goats and Week 2 K.E.P.”

The Matt Kemp 2017 Exercise Program

Matt KempRALEIGH — The Dodgers advanced to the NLCS last night. It was quite the game five. I am not a Dodger fan, nor am I a Nationals fan. But I do appreciate good baseball.

Watching the game was a blast. And, I’ll admit, I was a bit torn. On the one hand I have a fellow Dirtbag on the verge of going to the NLCS in Danny Espinosa. On the other hand I have the opportunity to watch Bryce Harper not go to the NLCS. And, yes, all my LA friends would rejoice in a Dodger win. It is always good to see friends happy. Continue reading “The Matt Kemp 2017 Exercise Program”

OPENING DAY: 2010 Baseball Season

RALEIGH— The 2010 baseball season is upon us. At last. Spring training is wonderful but it is no substitute for the real games.

Below are my predictions for the season. I’m basing this on six weeks of Spring Training research and analysis. Grueling late nights crunching numbers. Back ground checks on all new rookies. Team chemistry. Complex mathematical algorithms. A crystal ball. The magic 8 ball. And the rule of starting pitching. Continue reading “OPENING DAY: 2010 Baseball Season”