About the Authors

Tennessee Paul

Tennessee Paul is a happily married Physicist.  His professional career includes data analysis, modeling and mining.  In addition to physics he is a serious baseball fan and follower of the Atlanta Braves.  Along with baseball, he enjoys movies, music, and politics and is a registered independent.  He has conservative leanings founded in his Christian faith.

Stephen Van NuysStephen Van Nuys

Stephen Van Nuys is a happily married CPA.  He is a Christian and an avid follower of politics and current events.  He is also a big-time baseball fan.  They place importance on being environmentally conscious and actively serving others through their church and other outlets.

Mr. Van Nuys’ political leanings are socially conservative and economically libertarian.  He may express his perspectives on current events strongly, but he welcomes disagreement, particularly where others believe his missives to be ill-informed or just plain wrong!  He enjoys good debate and discussion and is writing here as much to express his perspectives as he is to learn about others.

Brooklyn Daniel

Brooklyn Daniel is a professional musician and Dodger baseball fan.  He began his professional music career early in his life and has played on several national tours with multiple artists and groups.  He is a passionate music and baseball fan who enjoys a great conversation on politics and current events. His conservative view points are based on his Christian faith. Please feel free to call him out for not writing in a long time.

The Freedom Thinker

The Freedom Thinker is married and a proud father of four. Currently, he works as Chief Financial Officer for a health care facility. As the name implies he strongly values the concept of individual freedom and as such he believes that this freedom is first found in acknowledging the reality of this world and living within this framework of service to a higher cause. As such The Freedom Thinker is a Christian free from the slavery of sin and death. He shapes his worldview around these principles.

The Freedom Thinker’s mixture of political ideologies leans strongly towards constitutional and libertarian views. He identifies directly with no political party although he is a registered Democrat. The Freedom Thinker is an avid reader from history to science fiction; from religion to combat. He enjoys blogging on many topics including economics, politics, culture, investing, business, and more. The Freedom Thinker, previously of TheFreedomThinker.com, believes there is great value to the Socratic dialogue inherent in blogging. American Missive offers an ideal place to participate in this process as it has intellectual honesty and conservative ideology at its core with views from across the American geography. The bloggers from the west coast to the east; from the north to the south; and from small town to big cities keep things fresh.


6 thoughts on “About the Authors

  1. Enjoying your website. Your father told me about it. Keep up the good works. Let’s get some more hits in here and stop the dumbing down of America!

  2. Challenge to others – In a time of great transition, upheaval, and change, people are searching for leaders who understand what is going on and can navigate troubled waters with a clear biblical foundation. After a thorough examination of the Keynesian economic and political system that led us into the crisis we find ourselves today, we need to see that our current financial, economic and social problems cannot be resolved by conservative or liberal thinkers. In addition, those with a libertarian bent will see that their solutions to problems only work to the extent that those solutions follow, wittingly or unwttingly, biblical principles. The present situation in the U.S. provides a unique opportunity. We know that heros arise out of crisis. We need some. I am glad missives can start to point them out and promote them. Dwelling on losers like the President of the U.S. or Senators in D.C. (whose campaign slogans are “Indicted but Never Convicted”) as well as all the corruption that accompany them, don’t always make for cheerful missives. So what does? The missives that continue the theme of preparedness, positioning and strategy. If read correctly, the missives show great opportunities and great circumstances rather than the opposite.

  3. Love your blog. Good writing. I am looking forward to reading more.

    My blog is Head Muscle http://www.headmuscle.wordpress.com

    I am just getting my blog started and ran across yours as I was blog surfing. I am going to blog roll you. Please check my site out too. Not much there yet but I am working on additional authors.

  4. Hey guys – a couple of you seem to have Tennessee roots, so I figured I’d pose this question to you. I’ve got a reader who is interested in finding out how to leverage the blogosphere to benefit his conservative state senate campaign in the Nashville area. Any ideas of folks who could help him do that? I’m a fan of Nashville, but my connections don’t go very far beyond a beer on Beale St.

    1. I just noticed this. Sorry it took some time to get back to you. We all went to college in Tennessee I worked there for a few years before leaving but don’t have many connections back that way myself; TP or SVN might have some, but my connections are similar to yours as it was my college days which I spent in Tennessee.

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