Dead Goats and Week 2 K.E.P.

RALEIGH β€” On Saturday a goat died. This particular goat had prevented the Cubs from winning a Pennant for 70+ years.

I watched the entire game because it is baseball, it is October baseball, and it was certain to be history in the making one way or another. It was a good game. Hendricks pitched beautifully. The Cubs faced the minimum due to timely double plays. I would have loved to have seen a closer score, but it was a good game nonetheless.

You had to know this wasn’t going to go the Dodgers way. The third pitch by Kershaw took a fortuitous hop and landed in the bleachers for a lead off ground rule double. Then two batters later, a run is in and a fly ball lands in the Dodger left fielder’s glove only to jump back out and play in the grass. So, a funny bounce and an error on a routine fly ball and the Dodgers are down 2 before getting an out.

Kershaw has a less than stellar history of post-season play. He had some moments this post-season that were looking like he had found it, but then this game. A must win game. He gives up 5 runs in 4+ innings.

This is a guy who dominates hitters. Over the last 8 seasons he has posted a 2.24 ERA while going 122-55. But the post season comes around he tosses out a 4.55 ERA over 87 innings in that time frame. He’ll be in the hall, barring injury or sudden melt-down. But his post-season record will always look out of place unless he turns it around.

The World Series begins Tuesday against the Indians, who have won it since the late 1940’s and the Cubs who have not been to it since the mid-1940’s. They are both good teams. It has all the makings of a great series. I hope they deliver on it.

Week 2 of the Kemp Exercise Program is going strong. I’m sore just about everywhere. I’ve discovered new areas of soreness that I did not know existed. But overall I am feeling better with each day. I have 160 or so days until Spring Training to get “in the best shape of my life.” I wonder how Kemp’s off-season is going? He probably won’t start his workout program until after the World Series. Maybe not even until the new year. So that means I have a solid shot at besting him with this. That is a feather in my cap as I know I’ll never be able to hit the ball as far as he does…. maybe. Perhaps after this, I’ll mash like a major leaguer.


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