The Matt Kemp 2017 Exercise Program

Matt KempRALEIGH — The Dodgers advanced to the NLCS last night. It was quite the game five. I am not a Dodger fan, nor am I a Nationals fan. But I do appreciate good baseball.

Watching the game was a blast. And, I’ll admit, I was a bit torn. On the one hand I have a fellow Dirtbag on the verge of going to the NLCS in Danny Espinosa. On the other hand I have the opportunity to watch Bryce Harper not go to the NLCS. And, yes, all my LA friends would rejoice in a Dodger win. It is always good to see friends happy.

Now, back to the Braves. Los Bravos.

The Braves have a former Dodger. Matt Kemp. And I’m thrilled he is on the team. I remember watching him come up through the Dodgers system. And then watching him do very well as a Major League Dodger. So well, in fact, he was a guy I loved to hate. Because, why couldn’t my Braves have a guy like him come up to the show?

Now that Kemp is in Atlanta, I expect good things. And it doesn’t hurt that Kemp grew up a Braves fan. (I knew I liked him for a reason).

He seems to be thoroughly pleased to be in Atlanta. I hope this inspires him to become an even better ball player.

When Kemp came to Atlanta in exchange for Hector Olivera, the initial word from the front office was, Kemp needs to get in shape. He does. Sadly. I remember when he came up, and I saw him in his first few days in Atlanta. Very different looking. An exercise program wouldn’t be a bad move for the guy.

And come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a bad move for me either. So, this off-season, I will be mustering up whatever will power I can find to begin my Kemp 2017 Exercise Program.

I will be working out with Kemp. Virtually speaking. And without his direct knowledge. And not in the same state. Or at the same time of day. Or even doing the same exercises. Basically, I’ll be working out and it will have no correlation with Matt Kemp. He does not endorse this or have any official say in the matter. This is my goal. But needless to say, I hope to achieve it. When Spring Training comes around next year, there are going to be at least two people who are going to make the annual claim. “I’m in the best shape of my life.” It’ll be me. And it’ll be Matt Kemp.

Now, which one of us will actually be in the best shape of our lives, and not simply in slightly better shape than they were in mid-October of the previous fall? Only time will tell.


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