Mr. Obama WINS! Court Upholds Mr. Obama’s Power to Kill US Citizens

The sharply divided ruling was a major victory for the Obama administration’s efforts to advance a sweeping view of executive secrecy powers.
Charlie Savage, Washington Post Sep. 8th, 2010

RALEIGH— After a campaign promising both the most transparent Administration in history and a change from the secretive ways of the past, Mr. Obama continues to make a liar of himself and a fool out of those who believed in him.

Its counterterrorism programs have in some ways departed from the expectations of change fostered by President Obama’s campaign rhetoric, which was often sharply critical of former President George W. Bush’s approach.

The thing that gets me about this is Mr. Obama has failed in just about every direction he has turned, or promised to turn. In some of these directions, I am glad he “failed” or at least flip-flopped. National security is more important than idealistic domestic welfare schemes. Fighting to defend the Bush era counter-terrorism policies is the right thing for Mr. Obama to do. Mr. Obama’s failure comes from his earlier promises to bring an end to the previous Administrations policies.

Among other policies, the Obama national security team has also authorized the C.I.A. to try to kill a United States citizen suspected of terrorism ties, blocked efforts by detainees in Afghanistan to bring habeas corpus lawsuits challenging the basis for their imprisonment without trial, and continued the C.I.A.’s so-called extraordinary rendition program of prisoner transfers

Authorized the C.I.A. to try to kill a United States citizen suspected of terrorism ties.” We are certainly a long, long way from the campaign days of Mr. Obama and his party complaining about the phone company data sequestered by intelligence, the supposed egregious violation of every American’s right to privacy.

While Mr. Bush was president a bill, HR6166, sent liberal minded souls into a panic. A panic so great, a fear so terrible that the future seemed destined for oppression and dictatorship.

Torture Bill States Non-Allegiance To Bush Is Terrorism.

Passsed legislation tolls the bell for the day America died, birth of the dictatorship.

Buried amongst the untold affronts to the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the very spirit of America, the torture bill contains a definition of “wrongfully aiding the enemy” which labels all American citizens who breach their “allegiance” to President Bush and the actions of his government as terrorists subject to possible arrest, torture and conviction in front of a military tribunal.

Subsection 4(b) (26) of section 950v. of HR 6166 – Crimes triable by military commissions – includes the following definition.

“Any person subject to this chapter who, in breach of an allegiance or duty to the United States , knowingly and intentionally aids an enemy of the United States, or one of the co-belligerents of the enemy, shall be punished as a military commission under this chapter may direct.”
—Liberal Email, Oct. 10th, 2006

Overreaction was never out of reach of a supporter of Liberal policies. The above quote is from an email forwarded to me from a Liberal friend. The sentiment in the email was the inspiration for many votes for Mr. Obama. Today’s news must be the scourge of those voters.

About TennesseePaul
Tennessee Paul is a happily married Physicist living in Raleigh, North Carolina. He began his professional career in real estate market analysis, building complex algorithms for market forecasting and trends, moving from there into retirement banking. Currently he is back in the field of physics working on semiconductors. In addition to physics he is a serious baseball fan and follower of the Atlanta Braves. Along with baseball, he enjoys movies, music, and politics and is a registered independent. He has conservative leanings founded in his Christian faith.

2 Responses to Mr. Obama WINS! Court Upholds Mr. Obama’s Power to Kill US Citizens

  1. mainenowandthen says:

    Another prime example(s) of why the Impostor-In-Chief has no business sitting in the White House (although, to be accurate, he spends very little time there doing the nation’s business what with his insistent campaigning and constant vacations). I hope that anyone who voted for him is honest enough to be ashamed that they were so easily bamboozled. Then again, there are those who wish ill to America and they have to be happy that he has denigrated our country so thoroughly and is actively pursuing its declination.

  2. Very good observation. What’s interesting is that you never hear about this stuff in the liberal media. Huffington Post and the American Prospect are probably silent in respect to the above.

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