Joey Votto and Albert Pujols: The Race for the Triple Crown

ATLANTA— Is anyone watching the batting leaders in the National League?  Joey Votto of the Cincinatti Reds is leading the league in hitting at .323 and is third in homers at 29 and second in RBI’s at 86.  Meanwhile, Albert Pujols (the greatest player of our generation) is second in hitting at .319 and first in homers (33) and RBI’s (92).  Either one of these two players, with a strong September, could overtake the other in the remaining categories and capture a triple crown.  There have only been 14 triple crown winners in modern major league history and no one has won the award in the National League since Joe Medwick in 1937. The last winner in baseball was Carl Yastrzemski of the American League in 1968.   With so many good division races going on around baseball and with these two heavy-weights going head-to-head in the N.L. Central, September is setting up to be a very exciting month!


3 thoughts on “Joey Votto and Albert Pujols: The Race for the Triple Crown

  1. Yep. Quite a race. But there is a chink in the theory here. His name is Omar Infante.

    I don’t know if you realize this but Omar is hitting .349.
    I don’t know if you realize this but Omar is playing everyday.
    At Omar’s current pace he will end the season with 491 plate appearances and 460 at bats. Just shy of the 502 plate appearances needed to qualify for a batting title.

    Alas Omar Infante is hitting .349. If Omar Infante continues to hit .349 in the remaining 30+ games of the season, he will win the batting title.

    How you say? Omar will not have enough plate appearances to qualify. Glad you ask. Omar will win the same way Tony Gwynn won a batting title a few years ago. You remember Tony Gwynn don’t you? He’s one of two players in the 134 year history of the National League to win 8 batting titles in his career.

    Omar could take an ohfer on his last 11 plate appearances and still end the season batting .342, 20 points higher than the next guy.

    1. Yeah – heard that about Omar. Hadn’t thought about that way of winning the batting title in a long time- would be neat if he could.

      If Glaus keeps hitting for the G-Braves, though, I wonder if they’ll be tempted to bring him back as a third baseman and put Infante back on the bench in favor of power? I hope not, but I wonder…

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