OPENING DAY: 2010 Baseball Season

RALEIGH— The 2010 baseball season is upon us. At last. Spring training is wonderful but it is no substitute for the real games.

Below are my predictions for the season. I’m basing this on six weeks of Spring Training research and analysis. Grueling late nights crunching numbers. Back ground checks on all new rookies. Team chemistry. Complex mathematical algorithms. A crystal ball. The magic 8 ball. And the rule of starting pitching. Basically more the last thing than the others.

Generally speaking, teams which have their starting five make the majority of their starts, win. So when I look at the teams out there, I look at the starting five. If it looks like a strong five, then I tend to favor them over a team with massive offense and a lottery for pitchers. Hence, I don’t think the Dodgers will pull it off this year. They lack a solid 1 through 5. They should be good. But I don’t see them getting to the post season, or deep into it should they fall ass backwards into it.

But it isn’t all pitching. Teams can pitch lights out and never hit and thus never make it. So I have my reservations about the Giants. I think that team has one of the best staffs out there. But they also have a very unimpressive batting order. I love Pablo Sandoval. Can’t say much good about DeRosa as a starter and key cog.

And then you have your teams like the Diamondbacks. This team should have been good. All it required was for their ace to start the season. Now he will not and now they will not succeed.

As for my beloved Braves, the homer in me puts them in the Wild Card. But I could just as easily wish them into the Division title. However I suspect what is more likely is a third place finish behind the Phillies and the Fish. The Mets are a joke. The Nats have a long way to go. The NL Central has Pujols, Fielder, and Braun which should be a blast to watch, but not that intimidating to play for the top three in the NL West or the top three in the NL East.

The AL. Well they are the inferior league, what with the need to mandate a crutch. Still insisting on playing by rules designed by and for co-eds the AL has a mixed bag of great teams and terrible teams. I don’t see too many that will be thrilling. Once you get past the Red Sox, Twins, Yankees, Rays, and Angels the rest is uninspiring.

Over all this should be a great season. I look forward to catching a Pirates game come July. And I look forward to seeing the Braves regain the dominance of the 90’s.

  National League   American League
Team Win Loss Team Win Loss
East East
1 Philadelphia Phillies 93 69 1 New York Yankees 92 70
2 Atlanta Braves 91 71 2 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 92 70
3 Florida Marlins 81 81 3 Boston Red Sox 91 71
4 New York Mets 72 90 4 Baltimore Orioles 71 91
5 Washington Nationals 70 92 5 Toronto Blue Jays 70 92
Central Central
1 Milwaukee Brewers 91 71 1 Minnesota Twins 93 69
2 Saint Louis Cardinals 89 73 2 Detroit Tigers 87 75
3 Cincinnati Reds 84 78 3 Chicago White Sox 87 75
4 Chicago Cubs 82 80 4 Kansas City Royals 65 97
5 Pittsburgh Pirates 70 92 5 Cleveland Indians 62 100
6 Houston Astros 69 93  
West West
1 Colorado Rockies 90 72 1 Los Angeles Angels 91 71
2 Los Angeles Dodgers 89 73 2 Texas Rangers 89 73
3 San Francisco Giants 89 73 3 Seatlte Mariners 83 79
4 Arizona Diamondbacks 67 95 4 Oakland Athletics 65 97
5 San Diego Padres 65 97  

9 thoughts on “OPENING DAY: 2010 Baseball Season

  1. A Few Predictions of My Own:

    AL East: Red Sox
    AL Central: Twins
    AL West: Mariners
    AL Wild Card: Rays

    NL East: Braves (Win Division in final season series vs PHI)
    NL Central: Cardinals
    NL West: Rockies
    NL Wild Card: Phillies


    AL Divisional

    Rays over Mariners
    Red Sox over Twins

    NL Divisional

    Braves over Cardinals
    Rockies over Phillies

    AL Championship

    Rays over Red Sox

    NL Championship

    Rockies over Braves (I hate to predict this)

    World Series

    Rockies over Rays


    AL Cy Young: Josh Beckett
    AL MVP: Evan Longoria
    AL ROY: Matt Weiters

    NL Cy Young: Adam Wainwright
    NL MVP: Brian McCann
    NL ROY: Jason Heyward

  2. Glad to see you on the Missive Ron.

    Interesting predictions. I think the Rockies will be a tough team, but they always have this split that kills them. Hit and play like mad at home. Stink on the road. If this team finally starts hitting on the road, which each individual is fully qualified to be a solid player in any park, then they will dominate. But I think the 81 games in Denver screws with their head or something. As soon as they hit the road, they don’t hit the ball. And that rotation is promising but … I don’t know. I think they’ll be in the post season. But I don’t think that De La Rosa would best Jurrjens, Hanson, Hudson, Lowe, or Kawakami. I think they’re post-season pitching is thin.

    And nice bite on McCann for MVP. I’ll always lean towards Pujols unless he is struck by a meteor. Then it goes to Hanely Ramirez. After that, there are a couple of Dodgers that would be high in the running. I suspect McCann could hang with any of them but Pujols.

    And lastly, nice pick of a Dirtbag for AL MVP. Love Longoria. Watched him play many times at Blair field.

  3. Chuck,
    They got a potentially good front office now. They may not be missing for long. Latos is solid. And they have some young talent that could carry them in the not too distant future… They just need the Giants, Dodgers and Rockies to stink and continue to hope the Diamondbacks never get their pitching figured out.

  4. They also need to figure out how to play in their own hometown park. Petco has been somewhat of an enigma for them.

  5. TP: My real hope is that the Braves win the World Series since I am a huge Braves fan. However, I picked them to win it in 2007 and 2008 with no luck so i am trying to out smart the baseball gods (though they dont exist). I only picked COL because it seems they are always red hot when they do make the post season. As for my AL MVP prediction. I love Longo as well. I have seen him play quite a bit the last 2 years since I live near tampa. Wish ATL could get him in a few years when Chipper retires. My prediction stat line on McCann: .345/34HR/117RBI. He will win the MVP because of the way he plays against Philly down the stretch, similar to the way Chipper played against the mets back in 99. By the way (and yes i am bragging on this), i got to shake bobby cox’s hand this past week at a spring training game vs DET. What an honor. I hope he reconsiders his plans for retirement and sticks around another year or two.

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