Israeli and United States Relationship

BECKLEY— Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu returned to Israel yesterday after meeting with President Obama this week.   According to the Washington Post he was greeted by his people with signs reading things like “Obama, No You Can’t” and “Netanyahu Stand Strong”.

Apparently, according to U.S. officials, Israeli settlements and other such conflicst, “Foments anti-American sentiment due to a perception of U.S. favoritism toward Israel.”  As I have long known Obama seeks to appease our enemies as his various speeches have shown.  As such (and as the Washington Post has adequately pointed out) Obama seeks to force his will onto Israel in his policy of bully our friends and appease our enemies:

Deficit of trust

What is most clear now as the crisis in the U.S.-Israel relationship continues is that Netanyahu was truly stunned by the Obama administration’s unprecedented willingness to criticize Israel over building in the annexed part of Jerusalem and that deferring negotiations on the city’s future will become increasingly difficult if the news media continue to report on construction there.

The United States, like the rest of the world, has never recognized Israel’s sovereignty over territory occupied in the 1967 war. Still, the two countries always “managed to work out a modus vivendi because more compelling strategic concerns trumped whatever they were quarreling about,” said Dore Gold, who was a political adviser to Netanyahu during his first stint as prime minister more than a decade ago.

Gold cited Israel’s 1997 decision to build the Har Homa development in East Jerusalem just after Netanyahu signed a deal turning over most of the West Bank city of Hebron to Palestinian control. At the time, the United States vetoed two proposed U.N. Security Council resolutions criticizing Israel for the project.

The difference was that then-President Bill Clinton believed Netanyahu could make progress toward peace, observers said. Obama does not appear to share that sentiment. “There was trust between the president and our prime minister,” Hasson said. “Now we don’t have it.”

Apparently, we can now trust our enemies and not our friends.  I recognize Israel messed up with some of their recent Mossad work, but this is a matter of getting caught. Nations carry out covert operations all the time and Israeli citizens get assassinated too.  Again, this is a matter of getting caught.  Why we would allow issues to come between somebody with joint interests I don’t understand.  It doesn’t mean that Israel and America aren’t fighting the same fight – or perhaps it does…

There are some people that see Obama as an Anti-Semite because of his many ties to the likes Rashid Khalidi, Ali Abunimah, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and not to mention his twenty year relationships with Jeremiah Wright.   I won’t draw that conclusion myself but his actions and words do give me pause.  The Islamic nations are growing in power through their rapidly growing religion.  The U.S. is weakening daily against the growing power of Communism in China.  Technology is spreading as Korea obtains nuclear arms and Iran is not far behind.  It does not seem to be a good time for us to be leaving an ally alone.

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One Response to Israeli and United States Relationship

  1. mainenowandthen says:

    There is no question for me that Obama is pro-Muslim and therefore, by association, anti-Semite. Simply look at his actions, his kowtowing to the Muslim world and his growing public aversion to Israel.

    This product of 1960’s radicalism (again through his associations with the Left) makes no bones about his disdain for America’s traditional allies while embracing avowed enemies such as Castro and Hugo Chavez.

    The piper will be paid for all of this and the bill will be a huge one.

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