Come on Barack Obama: I TRIPLE-DOG DARE YOU!

ATLANTA— In the wake of the Massachusetts’s massacre, Barack Obama is reconstituting his 2008 election campaign team, centralizing control of the mid-term Democratic election campaign arm, and vowing to “fight” for his agenda. Mr. Obama and his team are declaring they will not back off big goals like health care reform and cap-and-trade. And they actually believe this attitude will help them. To this I say: bring it on, Barack!

Democrats cannot accept that Massachusetts was a rejection of Barack Obama’s big government largess.  But that interpretation is not an invention of FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh, it’s a reality that news organizations the world over are covering and dissecting.  There is a broad-based populism that is swelling up even in the most unlikely of places against government over-reach during the past several years.

Barack Obama’s agenda is the ultimate big-government overreach.  For a man who so accurately read the near-term political landscape in 2008 in winning the presidency, he has horribly misread the longer-term political landscape of the United States.

Ronald Reagan fundamentally shifted America’s view of the state, and it is going to take much more than a sappy campaign of “hope and change” to alter America’s perspective back to favoring big-government solutions.

The utterly despicable behavior of the U.S. Senate in the final weeks of the health care negotiations only fueled this long-held perception that the government is a large, corrupting force, politically self-interested and incapable of adequately solving our social problems.

I think if you confronted Americans with a given social problem and asked them, would you prefer to confront this problem by being given more personal options and being allowed to address it yourself or having your personal options limited and letting your elected representatives address it for you, it’s no contest as to which side would win.

And yet that is what the Obama agenda is about.  Limiting personal options and letting government address our legitimate long-term concerns over health care costs, energy dependence, and education.

Barack Obama witnessed a revolution against his agenda last Tuesday.  And it is clear from the news reporting we got over the weekend that Mr. Obama has not understood this in the least.

I love my country and I want what is best for it.  And so part of me roots for Mr. Obama to “get it” and to change course and be more centrist and moderate in the coming months- to reject his own agenda. 

…but there is an even bigger part of me that recognizes Mr. Obama’s every instinct seems antithetical to the values of freedom, economic growth and prosperity.  That part of me recognizes he will stubbornly not change course.  But that part of me also knows my own connection with the underlying American social fabric and recognizes that I stand with a vast majority of Americans in opposing big-government overreach.

That part of me says: let Barack Obama keep on fighting!

It is clear from Massachusetts that his fight more than anything else will ensure a quick and sustainable conservative revival in this country.

Keep it up, Barack!

About Stephen VanNuys
Stephen Van Nuys is a happily married CPA who works for a large accounting firm and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Christian and an avid follower of politics and current events. He is also a big-time baseball fan. Stephen and his wife are runners, having completed multiple 10k’s and half-marathons between them. They place importance on being environmentally conscious and actively serving others through their church and other outlets. Mr. Van Nuys’ political leanings are socially conservative and economically libertarian. He may express his perspectives on current events strongly, but he welcomes disagreement, particularly where others believe his missives to be ill-informed or just plain wrong! He enjoys good debate and discussion and is writing here as much to express his perspectives as he is to learn about others.

10 Responses to Come on Barack Obama: I TRIPLE-DOG DARE YOU!

  1. mainenowandthen says:

    Hear, hear, Stephen!

    But Obama is only a front for the real problem; the “progressive” movement that is a simply thinly-disguised attempt to destroy both our Constitution and free-market enterprise in order to gain power and firmly place us under the heavy boot of the “enlightened class”.

  2. Chuck says:


    By alienating over half of the American citizenry and pursuing a radically left agenda, the Obama administration earned the Massachusetts revolt and all of its consequences. It was the most brazen display of hubris by a sitting administration since 1994.

    Unlike Clinton however, I do not think that Obama will learn his lesson. Clinton was a politician first and an ideologue second….or maybe third. Obama, on the other hand, has shown Americans that he is far more of an ideologue than a politician. Like you I believe that this will ultimately work to his demise, but it is scary to think what institutions he will drag down with him as he crashes.

    Obama’s crash will likely be more akin to the Hindenburg than CAPT Sully’s landing on the Hudson.

  3. I read James Carville’s article today. He implies the the problem is Mr. Obama isn’t blaming Mr. Bush enough for his troubles, hence the repeated losses and the embarrassment in Massachusetts. It’s an interesting take. I’m curious to read more of how this defense works with the exit polls.

    • Think about that! Somebody isn’t blaming somebody enough! Psychologically that says a WHOLE lot. Imagine anybody doing that a CEO, husband/wife, parent or coach…

      I wonder what leadership book Carville pulls the blame others for issues rhetoric from! Perhaps that’s why Carville isn’t a leader but just a talking head.

      Personally, I blame it all on the booze. I can’t be held to count for my actions it’s Mr. “John Daniels”, please!

      • BaldManMoody says:

        Why not blame Bush. It is what all of Obama’s supporters do.

        Granted, Bush’s team blamed Clinton for 9/11.

  4. BaldManMoody says:

    I think Clinton was first a fornicating womanizer, then politician, then maybe an ideologue. Altogether, a successful showing for a man from Arkansas who has the most bulbous nose in the world next to St. Nick.

  5. mainenowandthen says:

    Carville has a most tenuous grasp on reality – almost as much of an embarrassment as Billy Carter.

    I would hope that most of the public is not so gullible as to accept the blame game as practiced by one of the most ignorant, lying, ineffective charlatans ever to hold the Presidency.

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