RALEIGH— I enjoy movies. Particularly movies which allow me to escape the every day and see something that could only be seen in a movie. Avatar is just that.

Avatar takes the viewer on an amazing visual ride. I went to see this movie in the 3D format as I’d heard and read that this would be like no other 3D film. Actually I’d heard that this would be like no other film ever.

This movie was to change the way movies were done. Nearly half a billion was spent on creating this film. You can see every penny of it in the detail of the world created by James Cameron.

I had read that Mr. Cameron had first obtained this script in the mid-1980’s but felt he must wait until technology caught up to it. His choice on waiting was wise. I do not know how this movie would have been made in the 80’s. Even the 90’s.

The underlying love story is nothing terribly new. And the overtures of new age, mother earth, sentiments and suedo-religion are, to many anyway, tired and worn out. But the imagery. That is what seeing a movie on the big screen is all about. This movie was incredible.

Giovanni Ribisi played his role very well. In fact I was pleased with the acting of everyone in the film. Those you were supposed to hate, you hated. Those you were supposed to cheer for, you cheered for. It was a well told story. But the visuals… Just amazing.

James Cameron did an incredible job making the foreign world come to life. The plants, the animals, everything were simply stunning. And the 3D effects were amazing.

I had never been to a 3D movie before. I had read about them. The way the movie was filmed with the reds and the greens. The dual images. The ridiculous red and green glasses. This was different from what I’d read. The glasses were still ridiculous looking. Nothing stylish about them. But the polarization of the film really made for an amazing 3D effect.

I really was amazed by this movie. It was long, but very enjoyable. I look forward to seeing it again.


4 thoughts on “Avatar

  1. I had heard it was short on plot but that this was definitely one that you have to see on the big screen just because it is ultimately going to revolutionize how movies are done. We have an IMAX here in our town with it in 3d there. I am psyched to see it. Hopefully next week.

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