Go Vols! Way to STOMP Georgia!

tennessee-fbATLANTA – When you are in the middle of a rebuilding year under a new coach, you usually are stuck trying to take joy in the small things.   Yesterday was a shock, though.  Stomping Georgia 45 – 19 behind a white hot Jonathan Crompton was no small thing.  Granted- the victory is probably meaningingless in an otherwise unimpressive season.   But you got to love sticking it to Georgia.

Mr. Crompton has been a study in mediocrity this year, having thrown the second-most interceptions in Division I-A  football and having wallowed at the lower end of the pack with a QB Rating of 129.1.  But yesterday, he put all of that aside in front of a big crowd and in the midst of very important game. He lobbed the ball for a career-high 310 yards and four touchdowns (with only 1 interception).  Not bad for the senior.

In fact, the Volunteers man-handled the Dogs every moment of the game. Georgia’s offense never reached the red zone, and the Tennessee defense held it to 241 total yards compared with 472 for the Volunteers.

A crushing victory.  Well played, Volunteers!

The only real disappointment here is that this was the first time in 38 meetings that neither of these two teams were ranked.

Whatever.  Tennessee looks increasingly like it may have a future under Lane Kiffin. 

As for the Dogs?  Who knows?  …and who cares? 

May they wallow in the desert for many years to come.


12 thoughts on “Go Vols! Way to STOMP Georgia!

  1. Seriously? I was doing everything I could to avoid reading about, talking about, or otherwise recalling this debacle. And one of my favorite POLITICAL blogs has to go and ruin my day. Fie upon you, sir.

    1. Sorry Marque – lines must be drawn in the sand at some point. I think you’re a great blogger and you and I seem to have a lot in common politically, but as to college football- that’s another matter altogether: Go Vols!

  2. I missed this game I usually try to watch the Vols if they’re on sounds like it was a pretty good one though.

    I like Kiffin and agree he has put some hope back in Vols football. He’s a young go getter he’s not going to settle for anything but the best. I thought they gave Florida a run for their money even as it’s hard to contain Tebow.

    I was surprised that the Vols lost to Auburn though. WVU lost to them as well but only because we had 5 freakin turn-overs. It’s kind of hard to win one when you have that many turnovers. Even when you score 21 points in the first quarter alone that many turn-overs just makes it impossible to win. WVU should have taken down Auburn… alas; We’ve only got a 2nd year coach as well so we’re still team building. Our challenge is going to be number 8 Cincinnati they’re tough this year I think they should be ranked higher (#4) but nobody give’s the Big East much credit even though lately for the past 4-5 years we’ve been beating the big name teams. Like George and Georgia Tech in 2005 & 2006 and Oklahoma in 2007.

    1. Yeah – I’m not a big fan of the Big East either. I guess at the end of the day, I’m an SEC snob when it comes to college football.

      >I thought they gave Florida a run for their money even as it’s hard to contain Tebow.

      Yep – Vols did decently well in that game. We’ve got a great defense. It’s just Crompton usually plays so poorly on offense, we can’t keep up.

      As to Auburn, I wasn’t surprised. Auburn is a solid team and our team just has some real holes on offense. Receivers dropping passes, Crompton throwing 2 or 3 interceptions a game.

      We’ve got Alabama (#2) and South Carolina (#22) in our next games.

      Someone has to beat Alabama this year, and my thinking is- why not us? If Crompton can perform like he did last Saturday and if our defense is there, it’s a possibility. But Alabama is a great team, so who knows….

      1. “Any given Sunday.” I’d be careful with who has snob rights compared to SEC vs. the Big East. The Big East is stronger then we get credit for losing VT, Miami, and Maryland has put things in flux but we’re still strong. The SEC I think is just scared of the Big East when it comes down to it. After all we’re the only Division I Conference with a winning record against the SEC and yet we constantly get ranked lower??? Just not fair. Look at the 2006 season. Big East went 5-0 in their bowl games. While SEC went 6-3…

        The Big East leads the SEC since 1990 by 20-16 a .556 margin of victory over the SEC, yet we get ranked lower then equal win SEC teams?!?! As for bowl victories our winning percent is .553 compared to the SEC’s .556 (pretty close with only a .003 difference).

        But you know the Big East does good given we aren’t really a football conference (only 8 teams). Compare the Big East in basketball as that’s what the conference is about. Last year we had three No. 1 tournament seeds, four teams in the round of the Elite Eight and five in the Sweet 16. We start his year with 7 out of the top 25 in the AP poll.

      2. 20 – 16 margin of victory in the Big East over SEC? Puh!

        Who did you play? Vandy, Kentucky and SC 20 times and Georgia, LSU, Florida, Tennesee, Alabama, and Auburn the other 16?


      3. I’m not sure about the whole Big East versus SEC it’s probably a mix.

        Given my team is WVU I know a little about their history. I’ll go with them. Most Recently WVU lost to Auburn but it was close. We whooped them last year though. Even USF (Univ. of South Florida) took down Auburn in 2007 so that’s not saying a whole lot I guess. We whipped up on Mississippi State in 2007 and in 2006.

        In 2005 WVU took out Georgia as an underdog in the Sugar Bowl.

        Virginia Tech and Miami back when they were with the Big East did some damage against some SEC teams as well. In 2002 taking out the likes of LSU, Florida and Tenn all in one year. I only went back to 2002 ESPN.com stats so anyways, like I said probably a mixture.

        Also, UConn, USF, and Cincinnati are new come up teams without much history but this is changing.

        I’m looking forward to UConn versus Tennessee in 2015 and 2016 hopefully UConn will have had some time to grow their new (2000, new) little team by then.

        Maybe we’ll get some good SEC vs. Big East Bowl Games this year!

  3. Well written article for what will ultimately shake out to be an extremely mediocre/lackluster season for us (the Vols) this year. I have to admit with the new addition I haven’t had much time to pay attention to the games – I did watch the Auburn debacle though.

    All I can say is that this definitely made for a better Accounting Day than the excruciatingly boring game against Northern Illinois last year. Thankfully, I found my way to Hannah’s Cafe in the Old City and got completely obliterated to forget the waste of 3 hours of my life that was. Of course, now I have to find more constructive outlets for that frustration – I am thinking of picking up lawn darts and throwing them up into the air to land on my feet. Will let you know.

  4. As a wounded Auburn Fan (last Saturday really hurt) I am happy to see the Vols spank Georgia. Maybe I can switch over….we both have orange shirt…..


  5. Going to be an interesting season. The SEC is once again THE TOUGHEST conference in the NCAA. The only stand out teams outside of the conference IMHO opinion are VA Tech, USC, and Texas.

    Auburn is going to have an interesting season. Looking at our schedule, the second half is going to be painful.

    War Vols !!


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