A Mortal Named Troy

Long Beach State DirtbagsLONG BEACH— I write this from the City of Long Beach, home of the Long Beach Dirtbags.

I love the Dirtbags. This college team plays baseball the way it should be played. It produces true baseball players on a consistent basis. So much so that almost the entire starting line up of the 2008 Dirtbags was drafted into the Majors. That was bitter sweet. Great to see those kids get a shot a the big leagues but truly sad to go to the 2009 games and watch the new batch struggle to get their footing.

But I right this now to congratulate a Dirtbag who now plays for the Colorado Rockies. Mr. Troy Tulowiski.

Last night Tulo hit for the cycle, going 5 for 5 with 7 RBI. In 2007 Tulo turned an unassisted triple play against my Atlanta Braves. Accomplishing these two feats in a single career has only happened one other time in the last 140 years.

Not bad for a Dirtbag.


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