USAToday: Nancy Pelosi Says Townhall Protesters are “Un-American” – Is This the Change We are Supposed to Believe In?

On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics.

We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things…”
Barack Obama, January 20, 2009.

ATLANTA— The wheels have officially fallen off the “change bus” for Barack Obama.  His healthcare initiative is tanking in the polls, the White House is telling its supporters to “punch back twice as hard” against health care reform protesters, and Nancy Pelosi has dropped an op-ed into USA Today which basically calls town-hall protesters “un-American.” After 6 short months in office, I see nothing of the change Barack Obama promised during the 2008 election year and on inauguration day.  When he runs for reelection in 2012, what will he be able to run on?

As I contemplate Mrs. Pelosi’s baseless allegations that town-hall protesters are essentially un-American and Mr. Obama’s calls to his supporters to “punch back twice as hard,” I cannot help but wonder what the media blitz would be like if George W. Bush had done the same to anti-war protestors in 2003, or to protesters against his Social Security initiative in 2005, or to protesters against his immigration reform bill in 2006?   To my recollection, he never did any of these things.  In fact, I recall the Bush White House saying at various times they welcome the protests as a sign of the strength of our democracy and as a model for Iraq, Afghanistan and the broader Middle East to follow.

The Obama White House and the Pelosi-led House seem to have a different view of dissent that seems un-welcoming of alternative viewpoints and is therefore somewhat more closely aligned with the current state of affairs in the Middle East.

This is not the change we expected to see upon Mr. Obama’s election.  What a fraud and an extreme dissappointment.

Three cheers for the town-hall protesters- we need health reform, but not the kind Mr. Obama and Mrs. Pelosi are trying to force on us!

About Stephen VanNuys
Stephen Van Nuys is a happily married CPA who works for a large accounting firm and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Christian and an avid follower of politics and current events. He is also a big-time baseball fan. Stephen and his wife are runners, having completed multiple 10k’s and half-marathons between them. They place importance on being environmentally conscious and actively serving others through their church and other outlets. Mr. Van Nuys’ political leanings are socially conservative and economically libertarian. He may express his perspectives on current events strongly, but he welcomes disagreement, particularly where others believe his missives to be ill-informed or just plain wrong! He enjoys good debate and discussion and is writing here as much to express his perspectives as he is to learn about others.

24 Responses to USAToday: Nancy Pelosi Says Townhall Protesters are “Un-American” – Is This the Change We are Supposed to Believe In?

  1. slamdunk says:

    Most Obama supporters are not even willing to jump on a losing cause like the health reform loser.

    • Slamdunk – yeah, we’ll see. If you read the chat rooms, they seem to be on board. But when you see the town halls, it looks like those who oppose it are much more motivated… I thought Obama had a vast political grassroots network he was going to draw on during his presidency?

      • They were motivated to support Obama and not anything else, and many of them were young enthusiasts who don’t have the persistence of old school political workers and thus are a bit harder to motivate.

  2. BaldManMoody says:

    Nancy Pelosi for Skeletor look alike!!!

    More plastic surgery than Joan Rivers and that is saying something. And she still looks like something that crawled out of a dumpster.

    I don’t want to contribute anything substantive to the conversation though.

    The USA today piece is populist political drivel, pretty much like any time a politician opens his/her mouth.

    At least, Chavez does it honestly – he just silences all other media outlets. Here in the US – you just pick which side of the aisle you sit on (Radio for Republicans/FoxNews; Print/All Other TV for Dems) and go to it.

    • wmcb says:

      Here in the US – you just pick which side of the aisle you sit on (Radio for Republicans/FoxNews; Print/All Other TV for Dems) and go to it.

      You’re right. I personally think that the phrase “right wing/left wing talking point” should be banned from pubic discourse. It has become nothing more than a reflexive dismissal to avoid having to actually address any argument. It is turning all debate into competing echo chambers.

      Yeah, I know the biases in the media, including blogs. I am not a wide-eyed naive idiot, and can actually listen to stuff from all sides and weigh and take those biases into account, thanks. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve made a cogent point, only to have either a conservative or a lefty shout it down with “OMG, THAT’S A LIBERAL/WINGNUT TALKING POINT!” And? SO?? Is what I said true and pertinent or not? Lord, I wish a lot of people in this country would grow the heck up.

      • BaldManMoody says:

        WMCB: You’re right.

        BMM: That is a first. I will tell my wife. Maybe she will let me be right some other time. Highly unlikely. I did win a debate over shelving at Home Depot this weekend. That stands for something. I focus on small wins (especially with a pregnant wife).

        Checked out Afrocity and The Black Commenter. Both good reads and more humorous than the Missive. But considering I know both of these guys personally and they have the personality of stale bread…. (Oh sure, they had “Yes, We Cannabis” but what have they done lately?).

        Anyways, all in good fun.

        BMM=Personality of semolina pasta

      • I did win a debate over shelving at Home Depot this weekend…

        Way to go BMM! Glad to hear you still got it!😀

      • >But considering I know both of these guys personally and they have the personality of stale bread….


        But these are serious times, BMM. Serious times call for stale, serious people.

        The implicit humor of the American Missive is really the tragedy of the various miserable policy initiatives we are discussing on this blog…

    • You know, in certain lights and at certain angles, you can tell Nancy Pelosi is actually an attractive lady. Much more attractive then some other prominent female politicians and Obama appointees. I hate to say it, but Sotomayor looks like she flew in on a broom.

      • BaldManMoody says:

        Yes a couple of my famous sayings from college and my early career come to mind…

        1. Distance and darkness are her best friend…
        2. She looks good from far and far from good…

        But seriously folks…

  3. wmcb says:

    Stephen, as one of those on the (mostly) left, who protested the Iraq war, I can tell you for a fact that if a Republican majority leader and Speaker had said anything of the sort, the Liberal blogs would have crapped their pants and screamed bloody murder. Keith O would have done at least 3 “special comment” segments decrying the impending fascist state the GOP was evilly plotting. If you added to that a “report-your-fishy-neighbor” govt website, I think our heads would have exploded.

    I would have gotten emails all over my inbox from various progressive groups decrying the loss of constitutional ideals, and imploring me to sign 47 petitions and call my congresspersons NOW, as well as get my butt to any remaining town halls and scream my head off before the entire country went done the tubes and free speech disappeared forever.

    And you know what? They would have been right. Just as the conservatives are right this time. Funny, my belief in the constitution, and the people’s right to dissent, has not changed one whit. Evidently, theirs has. Crap like this is why I consider myself an Independent.

    • Yeah – I agree with you. The ideas are worth debating- but it’s the gamesmanship and name calling that is outrageous and really muddies the waters.

      Imagine if a shrugging, squinting Donald Rumsfeld had appeared on FoxNews in the Summer of 2003 and called anti-war protestors “un-American?” Yikes!

  4. Nancy’s upset and calls her opponents names. No real surprise here. It is the knee jerk reaction to marginalize the opposition. What is a bit ridiculous is, Democrats were furious during the anti-war movement whenever it was hinted that their opposition to the war was un-patriotic. Yet here they are, leveling the exact same charge against the opposition.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

    • Yeah – they’re destroying their “mandate.”

      The time is ripe for a centrist party to emerge and run straight down the middle of the American political scene all the way to the presidency. Not sure who will do it, but I could really see a 3rd party candidate making some real headway.

      • wmcb says:

        If a candidate emerged who basically said: “You know what, we keep screaming at each other over big govt vs small govt, and so we keep having the wrong arguments. Why don’t we focus on effective, fiscally responsible, transparent, ACCOUNTABLE to the people govt – and once we have that then we can all argue over how much or how little that govt ought to be doing.”

        I think that person could go far if they could get the funding.

      • BaldManMoody says:

        The name of that candidate…. Richard Grieco.

      • BaldManMoody says:

        Ah, Mr. Grieco. Cameo appearance as himself in Night at the Roxbury, one of my favorites.

        As for a third party candidate that is viable – I am not sure who that is. I always hear moderates/centrists float Bloomberg’s name.

        I personally don’t want to be stuck in the middle, but I am the first to admit that I am an extremely strict Constitutionalist. This generally leads to me and my ilk being labeled a “terrorist” by Homeland Security in their report.

    • I wonder though if there is more to it this time. Look, I didn’t support BO (and I try to avoid BO in my personal life by regular bathing and use of deodorants, but I digress…) but a lot of people both on the left and right bought into his CHANGE rhetoric. He was supposed to be the anti-Bush, transparent, hard-working, bi-partisan, post-racial national healer.

      A lot of people saw through that, but that’s why people voted for him. They believed! They really wanted to see a different kind of governance, but they are not only getting more of the same, it is much much worse.

      Legislation passed without reading it. Pelosi openly lying about being briefed by the CIA. A tax cheat in charge of the Treasury. Massive money given to Wall Street. Gitmo still open and the war in Afghanistan escalating. And all the time, nothing but non-stop campaigning by the president who passes the blame at every opportunity.

      I think there may be more to it this time. The honeymoon for BO has ended very very quickly and it isn’t just “right wing r@cists” who are opposing him. I think people are finally getting fed up with obtuse tone deaf government.

  5. Peter Cutler says:

    Ms. Pelosi has managed to insert accusations of “swastikas” and “Nazism” into her critique of the protests against Obamacare in various “Town Hall” meetings – this coming from the poster child of the Far Left groups who for years have used truly disruptive tactics in attempts to influence policy. She is apparently blind to irony, among her other failings.

    For far too long the Left has been allowed to exercise the tactics of repetitively accusing others of the sins that they have so brazenly committed for decades, attempting to demonize those who insist on remaining true to the pillars of our culture that have allowed America to grow and prosper at a rate unmatched by any other nation. This is right out of the Communist playbook and a favorite of “community organizers” everywhere.

    Obviously, the demonstrations of public reluctance to have government inefficiency forced onto them through the facade of “improving” and lowering the costs of health care are having an effect on the would-be architects of the statist takeover of our country. I pray that such open rejection will continue to grow.

    Unfortunately the public, in it’s rush to embrace “hope and change”, has blindly placed our country in great danger by electing those who would change our laws and our culture in order to implant their political agenda that history has shown to repeatedly fail.

    • Well said, Peter! I have thought this health care bill is very much an example of what you are saying. The reason I believe the public option is so important to the left is not simply that they think it will be better than private insurance, it is that it will soften the public to more government meddling and intrusion. Once you get 75 – 100 million more people on government healthcare, you’ll never get them back off. No way a politician could run on the platform of “I’m going to cancel your healthcare.” Look what happened to Bush when he tried to privatize Social Security (which was a great idea, btw). He was villified. What would also happen once most Americans are on the government dole is that the left woudl begin encroaching on increasingly more areas of our life, all while giving the argument of why are your resisting this encroachment, since you are on government health care and that is going fairly well for you? It could soften people up.

      Now- in saying this, I have a big assumption here: that government health care would actually be “ok” for a good percentage of these people. That’s a big-time overreach. I think people will be miserable and will notice the night-and-day difference b/w private and public health insurance. So- I don’t think the left’s plan will work. But I believe that is their plan all the same. I think this is how they believe they can reshape the American political dynamic and change our leanings toward the left, so that they can rule and meddle indefinitely in our lives.

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