Dirty Sox – How the 2004 World Series Was Stolen

LONG BEACH— Long has been the speculation of just who cheated during the steroid era. And with each passing day, more is being learned.

The Associated Press reported today that Manny Ramirez and Big Papi David Ortiz both tested positive in the 2003 test. This shatters the BoSox Nation’s claim that none of their players were juicers. It also raises more questions about the Mitchel Report which conspicuously included zero Boston Red Sox players. Yet two of the biggest stars on the team were juicers.

Manny Ramirez was busted not long ago for his prescription for female fertility drugs, used during down cycles for juicers. But Big Papi had so far been able to hold his nose up as clean, with no positive tests to his name. His massive decline in production these last few years not withstanding, this news of his positive test result tarnishes his image permanently.

Now the history of the miracle season of 2004 for the Boston Red Sox is becoming a total joke. The consecutive sellouts date back to the “rebirth” of the Red Sox. As the players juiced, the fans jumped on the band wagon, all across the nation.

Prior to joining the Red Sox, Ortiz was a struggling 20 home run hitter. As soon as he got into the Red Sox clubhouse his career took a shot along with the franchise history. David Ortiz became a premier hitter, slugging over 50 home runs in a single season. After the testing was put in place, David Ortiz started seeing his production decline. And now the reason behind this is revealed.

How many more of the 2004 Red Sox were juicers? And why didn’t Mitchel report this information?


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