Manny Ram-roid-ez

Manny RamirezLONG BEACH— Manny Ramirez juiced. Or so that is how it appears. He has been suspended for 50 games for a positive test.

The former Boston Red Sox apologized to the city of L.A. He also blamed a doctor for giving him the wrong stuff. His complaint is that the doctor gave him something that would show up as positive in a drug test. “Under the policy that mistake is now my responsibility” Manny Ramirez said. Under a different policy it would be some other person’s responsibility for what Manny put in his body.

This doesn’t help the Dodgers. They have been feasting on an extraordinarily easy schedule to beginning the season. Prior to Washington rolling into town, the Dodgers had played all but three games within the National League West. A division widely viewed as the weakest in baseball. Manny’s suspension will cover an upcoming road trip which will take the Dodgers to the defending World Champion Philadelphia Phillies. After that it is a face off with the Florida Marlins, the New York Mets, the Los Angeles Angels, the Chicago Cubs and others. It is a tough part of the schedule. And it will have to be done without the best hitter on the team.


8 thoughts on “Manny Ram-roid-ez

  1. hCg was the drug. The female drug used in between roid cycles. Now the question is, what roids was Manny taking that were not detected and how long had he been taking them? Are these the same things Big Papi was taking and why he no longer can hit?

  2. You mean the LA Dodger (is his second season with LA) apologized to the City of LA.

    Let’s Go Red Sox!

  3. Chief Crazy Talk, Big Papi isn’t the only person not hitting you hypocrite, but he still starts and isn’t sitting on the bench!

  4. “you mean the LA Dodger”
    Actually I mean exactly what I typed: The former Boston Red Sox…

    “Second Season” Some more fuzzy math from you? Manny hasn’t played a full season in LA yet. Lest you forget, he only played two months with the Dodgers last year, and then one month this year before his roiding days caught up with him….

    “Big Papi is not the only one not hitting…”
    Perhaps there are others, but none stinking it up as bad as Big Papi: .229/.336/.333 Slugging .333! Impressive.

    Can’t even ask a question? Speaking of hypocrites, you might enjoy this article. It uses your logic:

  5. It’s hypocritical for you to throw the name of David Ortiz into this conversation and especially because the same question was asked of one of your favorite ballplayers and it sent you into a rage, but that is exactly what I have come to expect from you Chief Crazy Talk, so, no surprises there.

    Now to use Manny’s Red Sox past (no pics of Manny in Dodger blue available?) as he never tested positive in a Red Sox uniform is just plain weak (jealous?). Also, it is a fact that this is Manny’s second season with the Dodgers, is it not? I never claimed that last year was a full season, but it was close to half a season.

    I will say it again this entire generation is suspect especially those that were making 20 million dollars and had s super star status putting up BIG numbers and now for no apparent reason can no longer hit the ball out of the infield and are sitting on the bench (ie: Mr. Jones)!

    Hey Paul too bad you weren’t here in Boston this weekend you could watch the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics play all on the same day! In addition the Patriots are favorites to win the Super Bowl again!


  6. Why would I want to be in Boston? I live three blocks from the ocean. It’s 70 degrees year round. I watch the Lakers, Angels, and Dodgers play. I’m just fine.

    Hypocrite would be to deny the results when someone applies your very same logic to your Beloved Red Sox. I expect nothing less from you though Chuck.

    I postulate only that, if Andruw is guilty, so is Big Papi, Trot Nixon, Bill Mueller, Nomar Garciapara, Pedro Martinez, Mark Bellhorn, Kevin Millar, and Johnny Damon (in addition to the outed Manny Ramirez). You can’t have it both ways. Either Andruw is clean and your beloved Red Sox are clean, or he is dirty, and your entire 2004 Red Sox were cheats. As you stated: “The numbers that I have questioned are textbook regarding this issue” (I disagreed but I digress)

    “i.e. Jones”
    You mean the Andruw Jones hitting DH for the Texas Rangers? The one hitting .341/.491/.682? This Andruw Jones projects out to 31 HR on the year.

    As for the picture choice. It was perfect. Eight years Manny juiced in Boston. Only three months worth of pictures in LA. More fodder to choose from in Boston clothes. Besides, Manny is known as a Red Sock. Not an Indian. Not a Dodger. Had he managed to do all his work clean and sober, he’d have gone to the hall in a Boston cap.

  7. Yeah so you get to watch the Celtics blow the Lakers out last for their record 17th Championship and watch the Red Sox knock the Angels out every single year on their way to another World Series! And hey here’s a geography lesson for you were on the Coast too and minutes from the Ocean ourselves! What a tool! Then there’s those notions of history and culture! I know exactly where you live I dated a woman from your neighborhood for almost three years, lovely woman and really a lovely place, but really I live in the Athens of America!

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