Barack Obama on Jay Leno: Announces Campaign 2012!


ATLANTA— “Haphazardness you can believe in!” declared Ad hoc Obama as he lifted both hands and waved to an adoring audience on Jay Leno last night.   The crowd, much like 52% of the general electorate last fall, cheered everything he said, without really listening to much of any of it.

Ad hoc Obama… I mean, Barack Obama… has officially declared Campaign 2012.  Far from the hope and change mantra of the 2008 election that wrapped up last November and centered around post-partisanship and changing business as usual in Washington, Campaign 2012 is about dividing and confusing the electorate.

The division of Campaign 2012 comes from the bully pulpit, where Mr. Obama’s communications secretary, Richard Gibbs, basically belittles anyone who criticizes the administration.  His directive on criticism is not “thoughtfully engage,” but rather “marginalize and dismiss.” 

The latest is Mr. Gibbs’ dig at Republican Dick Cheney.   Mr. Cheney, unpopular as he is, said on cable television Sunday that Barack Obama’s policies on interrogation and Guantanamo Bay are making us less safe.  The Obama Administration’s response via Mr. Gibbs?  “”Well, I guess Rush Limbaugh was busy … so they trotted out the next most popular member of the Republican cabal.”  It was only after this belittling comment, that Mr. Gibbs gave a half-way thoughtful response. 

For any liberals reading this blog, recognize that this is no way to bring Republicans into line behind the President’s policies.  In fact, I would argue to this point that the Administration has been far more partisan than Bush ever was.  Consider how they have attacked and belittled Rick Santelli and Rush Limbaugh since taking office. 

These attacks are deliberate and are part of an increasing tone of elitism and partisanship that is coming out of the office of a man who just two months ago on Inauguration Day told us:

On this day, we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.

We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things.

Words like that on Inauguration Day are enough to win over and maintain the support of the people who cheered him mindlessly on the Jay Leno Show.  In my view, the subsequent actions speak much more louder than the words.  And his actions on Cheney, Santelli, and Limbaugh are much, much louder.  Instead of either ignoring them or engaging their criticisms, the Administration chooses to belittle them and marginalize them.  And so it will be in Campaign 2012. 

The confusion of Campaign 2012 comes through Mr. Obama bewildering and haphazard economic policies.  We’ve spent plenty of time blogging about his policies- which we think will be disastrous and will stoke substantially inflation, by the way.  But I think they can best be summed up in through looking back at the Stimulus package and the AIG bonus scandal. 

Nothing would do except that we had to pass a stimulus package immediately or risk total, catastrophic economic collapse.  The message from Mr. Obama then was that the economy was headed towards unending recession and depression. Then mindless Democrats finished ram-rodding the package through Congress and nobody had time to read it.   

But no worries!  Because now, three weeks later, the economy is sound and on stable footing, with strong fundamentals, according to Mr. Obama.  The message is completely different on the economy, because Mr. Obama is now seeking to shove through a new piece of legislation: his budget that will give us massive and unending deficits through the year 2019. 

The Congressional Budget Office has not been kind in its projections about this thing, saying that it will dampen economic growth for at least a decade by incurring so much debt and new entitlement obligations.  Forget all the negativity though, Campaign 2012 has fired up the base- getting out the message to his 10 million supporters from the campaign to go shove the budget in people’s faces to make them support it.  And Democrats in Congress are considering procedural techniques to avoid debate on the budget, so it can truly get stuffed through without anyone reading it.

And now the trouble hits the fan on the AIG bonuses.  And we learn that the Obama Administration stuffed in last-second language protecting bonuses at companies receiving bailout funds in the Stimulus Package.   Those provisions are the very ones that allowed for the bonuses to be paid.  So now Ad hoc Obama gets on Leno and says he was stunned by the bonuses and wants to take them away.   Stunning!  Are you as confused as I am?

The key in this though is that the bonus flap results largely from the fact that they ram-rodded the stimulus through Congress and few people read it.  So that leads me to ask what lurks in this budget package that will be railroaded through Congress in the upcoming months? 

But then- dare I ask?  I guess the message is that if I question it, then I will be belittled, marginalized and dismissed.   Debate is so Campaign 2008.

My perspective to date is that the biggest threat facing our economy today is the hastiness and haphazard, winging-it nature of Mr. Obama’s economic policies.  The problem is no longer the greed on Wall Street of yesteryear.  That greed has met its fate: economic collapse and a wipe-out of wealth. 

We are in a new era now: the era of Ad hoc Obama. The era of division and confusion.  And Campaign 2012 is already underway.

About Stephen VanNuys
Stephen Van Nuys is a happily married CPA who works for a large accounting firm and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a Christian and an avid follower of politics and current events. He is also a big-time baseball fan. Stephen and his wife are runners, having completed multiple 10k’s and half-marathons between them. They place importance on being environmentally conscious and actively serving others through their church and other outlets. Mr. Van Nuys’ political leanings are socially conservative and economically libertarian. He may express his perspectives on current events strongly, but he welcomes disagreement, particularly where others believe his missives to be ill-informed or just plain wrong! He enjoys good debate and discussion and is writing here as much to express his perspectives as he is to learn about others.

3 Responses to Barack Obama on Jay Leno: Announces Campaign 2012!

  1. Look up Corridor H here in West Virginia it’s been getting a lot of news lately. It’s basically a road to no where. Then you’ll get an idea of what politicians in Washington like to spend money on.

  2. BaldManMoody says:

    Has anyone done any research into how many Presidents have been on Late Night TV (i.e. Carson, Letterman, Leno) while in office?

    I would think that it is probably very few and it is probably reflective of this particular President’s pop culture appeal.

  3. BaldManMoody says:

    This guy already took a look at it. Coach K responded to Obama’s pick of NC with a quote similar to this (paraphrased): “Obama needs to focus on running the country instead of making basketball picks”

    Interestingly, Ari Fleischer likes the move. Maybe it is a smart move, but I personally think it takes away from long-term credibility of the office if you are out on shows where typically only entertainers/celebs are showing up. I think the move by Bush to appear on “Deal or No Deal” really was rather campy as well. But at least he was supporting one of our troops rather than try to sell his own agenda. It also didn’t hurt the fact that Bush had already brought his approval rating to all time lows.

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