World Basesball Classic: USA vs Venezuela

World Baseball Classic '09LONG BEACH— The second “annual” World Baseball Classic is upon us, and I like it. I went to the first ever; got the tickets to prove it.

I really enjoy the WBC.  Most don’t get it. That is disappointing to read. I understand the resentment, but the game is the bigger picture. Bigger than my favorite team. The Atlanta Braves could suddenly cease to exist, I’d still love the game of baseball. That’s what this competition is about.

The World Baseball Classic embodies the hope of spreading the message of a perfect game across the globe. A game so pure and honest it needs to be in the hearts of all man kind. Perhaps that is a bit too mystic for most but it is the truth.

If I have to fore go a few Spring Training games to get some excellent action on an international level which contains the best of the modern day players, sobeit. I love baseball. First and Foremost. I love the National League second. I love the Atlanta Braves third.

I was out to watch the classic tonight. Best time I’d had in a long while. Recently it’s been all about ignoring the fact that Barack Obama is continuing the same failed policies of George W. Bush while persisting in the same partisan politics. The World Baseball Classic is a great escape.

I saw the USA national team defeat the Venezuela national team tonight and I couldn’t help but think, “Forget you Hugo Chavez! Take that!”

Crude, I know. But I love this game. I love it more now that I get the added benefit of cheering for my country while watching my favorite game.

I’ve read where many believe it is a useless distraction; increasing the probability of injury and lack of development of their favorite player and favorite team. Hog Wash!

This is the only time of year that works for the WORLD. Below the equator in winter here, it’s summer there. Hosting this event in winter interrupts an entire season down South. Hosting the games in the middle of the summer interrupts a season in the North March is the only month when no official games are played in any hemisphere.  We Americans have to sacrifice a few Spring Training games by a few of our favorite players once every three or four years.  Not a bad price to pay when you can stick to Hugo Chavez.

I will probably go to the semi-finals and finals in the next few weeks. I loved everything about the first time, it will only be better. This time, I fully expect the USA national team to make the finals. They don’t have A-Fraud. It’s a good omen!

U-S-A!   U-S-A!   U-S-A!


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