Attack Jim Cramer!! Silence Dissent!! To Criticize Obama Is To DISOBEY!


ATLANTA— In response to the above posted video from Jim Cramer, Barack Obama’s new hit man, Robert Gibbs, is at it again.  Every time a TV-capitalist criticizes the Administration, Comrade Obama deploys Comrade Gibbs to attack the messenger and attempt to marginalize them.   See Mr. Gibbs responses below.

For my part, I say bully for Jim Cramer.  While he’s a little out there and I don’t always agree with him, I wholeheartedly agree with his statements above.   And Comrades Obama and Gibbs would be better served to make responsible fiscal policy versus pushing a far-left budget agenda and lashing out at every free market advocate that stands in their way.  Again- Americans own homes and 401ks.   When will the 401k owners start rising up?  After all, Comrade Obama’s policies on taxes, energy, health care, deficit spending, delinquent mortgages, etc. are what is tanking the markets at the moment.  Wall Street has woken up to the reality that Comrade Obama is more about wealth redistribution than wealth creation.  How much longer before America wakes up with it?

Comrade Gibbs on Jim Cramer.  Typical.

“I’m not entirely sure what he’s pointing to to make some of the statements,” said Gibbs. “And you can go back and look at any number of statements he’s made in the past about the economy and wonder where some of the back-up for those are too.”

When pressed further by Costello, Gibbs said, “If you turn on a certain program it’s geared to a very small audience. No offense to my good friends, or friend at CNBC. But the President has to look out for the broader economy and the broader population.”


5 thoughts on “Attack Jim Cramer!! Silence Dissent!! To Criticize Obama Is To DISOBEY!

  1. Tom – appreciate you dropping back by. Unfortunately, I have to respectfully disagree with you on the stimulus package. I’m not convinced it has enough in it to incentivize positive economic behavior. Further, I fear the big deficits it creates will drive up future interest rates. Additionally, I think the timing of the spending- much of which comes into play later in this year and in early 2010, may come just as we are pulling out of the recession- which will likely excite inflation. I also fear that the money it gives to the states for unemployment assistance may undermine the 1990’s welfare reform- that is, the new money gives states the incentive to increase their welfare roles in order to get more federal assistance (stimulating unemployment during a recession will have disastrous consequence). In summary, I think the plan will at best be a wash and at worst be a real economic tragedy- particularly given how quickly it was ram-rodded through Congress.

    All the same- should I be wrong and should you be correct, then I will gladly admit my mistake.

    Keep blogging and all the best to you!

  2. It seems to me that obama is driven solely by an ideology of control and frank contempt for the things that make this nation great. His constant bashing of wealth/wealthy people and organizations while he and those around him jet-set around the country and evade taxes is disturbing. The whole stimulus, as they call it, seems geared at creating more dependence on the government. This so called “uniter” is actually dividing people. I happened to hear Cramer yesterday, and he’s on target.

    1. Rineyville- couldn’t agree more. I think most of Obama’s moves are ideologically driven. How else could you explain his budget? Who in this country honestly believes that the current depth and severity of this recession is linked to health care and energy? While those are issues we need to address as a nation at some point, they are nowhere close to the heart of the issues we’re facing at the moment. Yet he uses the crisis as cover to take our country far to the left on these largely tangential issues. People may like Obama on a whole right now, but wait till we enact cap-and-trade legislation and people start getting their electricity bills here in about a year or so and those bills are doubling or tripling (all while the earth descends into a new ice age). Then we’ll see how popular the man and his ideology is.

      At the moment, we’re facing a crumbling financial sector that is only being made worse by the stop and start interventions of the Bush and Obama Administrations. Markets keep having to take a wait and see approach: what government official is going to show up on TV tomorrow talking about some arbitrary new $1 trillion plan? What official is going to randomly implement some new, onerous regulation we didn’t anticipate a week ago, etc.? The government is completely screwing this recovery up. I look forward to the volumes of academic research we will read one day that clarify the scope with which the government fouled up this recession and made it infinitely worse than it had to be (a recession, mind you, that they played a heavy hand in laying the foundations for).

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