Welcome Back, Baseball!



ATLANTA— Spring is in the air!  (At least in central Florida, anyway).Spring training games started today and the Atlanta Braves played their Grapefruit League opener against the Detroit Tigers.   A buddy of mine was down there, witnessing the action first-hand.   Unfortunately, the Braves lost.  As a Braves fan, I think I’m going to have to get used to those words.  But it sounds like they played a solid game and kept it close: keeping pace until the eighth and dropping it 5 – 4.

The one bad thing that sticks out to me in the box score, though, is the big donut Jeff Francoeur put up for the day: 0 for 4.   What’s up with that guy?   First game jitters, I suppose.  But he better not keep throwing donuts up there.  We’ve got a long season and the middle of our order is unfortunately anchored by some pretty old bats in Chipper Jones and Garrett Anderson.  Great players, both of them.  But we need our young talent, especially Frenchy, to man up and take the lead this year.   We cannot rely on Chipper Jones forever.

At any rate, I hope the rest of the Spring goes well.  I’m looking for good news this year- I’m looking for the Braves starting rotation to shape up well and I’m looking for the younger players to get lots of playing time.   I’m resigned to this being a rebuilding year in Atlanta (though I think I’m in a minority here).  I just don’t see this team going places.  That is fine with me though.  I want this to be the year Freddie Freeman, Tommie Hanson and others get the chance to take a crack at the majors and hopefully shine.  I think we have a bright future ahead!


5 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Baseball!

  1. I read about his swing and stance. It’s new and improved. But it sounds like it is primed for a plethora of pop-ups. For his sake I hope this seaosn is better. Poor kid doesn’t have a future if it isn’t in baseball.

  2. Well, I was at the first game today (2/25) as it was in my glorious hometown of Lakeland, FL. I watched Frenchy take BP. I certainly saw something different than what i saw last year but of course its what he does during the year that counts. Top prospects Freddie Freeman, Jason Heyward, and Jordan Schafer (who homered to right) all played. Matt Diaz looked to be healthy so he could be our 4th outfielder. Jo Jo Reyes pitched a couple of innings as did Manny Acosta. All in all i liked what i saw but its just the first game.

  3. I just read that Hanson and Heyward are the number 4 and 5 prospects in the game! I didn’t realize that at all. I knew they were good- didn’t realize they were that good. Hope they get a chance to shine this year.

    As for Frenchy, I hope that new stance works. Probably will take him a few games to get used to using it against live pitching. I’m rooting for the guy- I have not given up on him yet. But this is a big year for him.

  4. Good article TP. Didn’t realize Rick Helling said all those things. There ought to be more written about him and people like him- who stood up and said something, even when it was unpopular. That is interesting. I think Selig should be called to resign over this. And the players union should be disbanded.

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