The Dirtbags

Long Beach State DirtbagsLONG BEACH— This past weekend marked the beginning of baseball in Southern California. The Long Beach State Dirtbags took the field.

I always enjoy the home opener. Well, truthfully I enjoy the entire season. Last year I made it to 95% of the home games for the Dirtbags. They are just a blast to watch.

Over the years I’ve seen some truly gifted ball players take Blair Field. I witnessed Jered Weaver pitch six no-hit innings with 18 strike-outs. I’ve seen Evan Longoria field and hit like a man among boys. I’ve seen Troy Tulowiski make every play like his glove had a magnet for the ball. I’ve seen many other major league bound players take that field as well. That’s what makes Dirtbag baseball so much fun.

This season might be a step back though. The Dirtbags opened the season with a loss. Then came home to open with a loss. And against USC of all teams. The games are blast, but I fear that after losing at least three key players to the major league draft last season this team will take some time to regroup.  Hopefully Danny Espinosa does well, along with Brad Shaw and Andrew Liebel. They were a blast to watch play at the collegiate level.

But, the season is young. The weather is perfect. And these are the Dirtbags. They could surprise. It will be fun to watch.


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