Griffey To Seattle… The Perfect End to a Miserable Off-Season

LONG BEACH— Ken Griffey Jr has decided to join the Seattle team.

This off-season has been miserable for the Atlanta Braves. First the much discussed Jake Peavy talks. Those led to nothing. Then the much discussed Furcal deal which, well, was a mess when it ended. Then A.J. Burnett used the Braves to get a lucrative deal from New York. Now the old man, formerly The Kid, has spurned the Braves to go to a loosing team.

Baseball is good with symmetry. This latest debacle caps off the Braves off-season perfectly.

As to the impact Griffey would have had on the team, who’s to say? There is reason to believe he’d be a good addition. But he came with a load of if’s. After 2008, the season of the crutch, I’m not terribly eager to bring in another potential liability.

It would appear the team is going to fall back on the kids. There are other options out there. But these other options are not that promising.

Jim Edmonds: Spent the majority of last season hitting .255 or less.

Garret Anderson: Solid, but unimpressive and certainly not a “four” hitter. Or a “big bat” for that matter.

And then the list really drops off. Unless a trade occurs. But most of the speculation on the trade front has been focused on Nick Swisher. I’m not a fan of this kid either. He’s the prototypical Moneyball player. Solid On Base percentage, good slugging, terrible average and highly inconsistent.

But, Spring is here. The team will be on the diamond in a matter of a month. The games are just around the corner. And for that, I couldn’t be happier.


6 thoughts on “Griffey To Seattle… The Perfect End to a Miserable Off-Season

  1. To quote Vince Lombardi……..”what the hell is going on out there”? this guy lives less than 20 minutes from the spring training complex and an hour flight away from atlanta and he had stated he always wanted to play for the braves and we still lose out on him.

  2. This was a real bummer! I was really hoping for this one. Sounds like the AJC kind of mucked this one up. Their readership is already dwindling- no sense making all the local Braves fans angry by driving away a star. What a bummer of an offseason.

  3. i was just looking at Garret Anderson’s numbers the past few years and honestly i think he would be a better option. he hit 15 homers and drove in 84 last year and batted .293. if he could repeat that, i would take it.

    1. Yeah I see a lot of talk about Anderson. But I have reservations about his defense. He has been slipping over the last few years. He would be in a platoon as he is yet another lefty but he only brings a .774 OPS against righties and even worse against lefties. His OBP is pretty lack luster as well. But, considering all of that, he should be pretty cheap to sign if the Braves want to sign him…. But the idea behind acquiring a LF is to fill the #4 slot in the lineup… Anderson is a #6 or 7 hitter. The Braves have enough of those.

      Right now I see the line up as follows:

      1 Josh/Schafer/Blanco (L)
      2 Yunel (R)
      3 Chipper (S)
      4 ________
      5 McCann (L)
      6 Francoeur (R)
      7 Johnson (L)
      8 Kotchman (L)
      9 Pitcher

      The four spot is a big blank spot. Obviously Cox will change this depending on who is the LF. If it is B Jones and Diaz we could have a massively Left leaning line up:

      1 Josh/Blanco/Schafer (L)
      2 KJ (L)
      3 Chipper (S)
      4 McCann (L)
      5 Kotchman (L)
      6 BJones (L)
      7 Yunel (R)
      8 Francoeur(R)
      9 Pitcher

      And again here the line up will change depending on Cox. But that’s 7 lefties in the lineup… I’ve always thought a pitcher can get used to pitching to the opposite side if he sees it enough. This type of lineup would provide such opportunity.

      At any rate, the Braves are stocked with what appears to be ample amount of doubles [Kotchman, Francoeur, Yunel, KJ, Diaz] and a depressing lack of home runs.

  4. Man- I wish Francoeur would get on his game. I thought for sure by this point in his career, he’d be the man to step in that #4 hole. I’ve got to be honest, I worry about him being able to hang on to that #8 hole.

    I don’t like McCann at 4 either. We gotta have someone who’s going to be out there 150 – 155 games out of the year to take that spot. Not the catcher who plays 140 games. That leaves us 22 or so games without a steady #4 guy.

    I’m not sure the answer. Garret Anderson, for all his faults, wouldn’t be a bad option.

    Again, my bottom line is I don’t think this team is going anywhere, so I think they need to treat this like a rebuilding year.

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