Meat Puppets

LONG BEACH— So I travelled down memory lane yet again last night. I went to a Meat Puppets show.

Brooklyn Daniel and I had the opportunity to go listen to a band both of us recall, and neither of us were really into during their heyday back in the ’90’s. We knew a few of there singles. I recalled the two covers of the Meat Puppets that Nirvana had performed on the now infamous MTV unplugged program. (The program which earily showcased a musician or musical group just prior to said groups demise). There were a few other songs neither of us could quite pin down prior to the show, but completely recognized when the group began to play them.

It was a good show. The Meat Puppets played well. Having never been into this band I was a little surprised to find the heavily country/folksy style of a large portion of their songs. I did love the incredible sound Curt Kirkwood was able to produce from his accoustic/electric guitar.

The line up was solid as well. The band just before the Meat Puppets was The Shaky Hands. This group was solid. They are from Portland, Oregon and appear to be suffering from malnourishment. But they played well.


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