Benjamin Button

Benjamin ButtonLONG BEACH— I saw Benjamin Button’s story today. It was a great way to greet the new year.

I was hesitant to see this movie. It appeared to be a gimmick movie. But it was far from it.

This film does a marvelous job of telling a story of a man’s life, from birth to death. The juxtaposition of age and relationships is incredible.

The story is told through the relationship of a mother and daughter.  It is set in Louisiana and told during the beginning hours of Katrina. It follows Benjamin’s life as his mind gets older and his body gets younger.

It is filled with funny moments and heart breaking moments. Brad Pitt does a great job throughout the movie.

The makeup and aging effects done for this movie are incredible. And while it was rather lengthy, it wasn’t even noticeable. It’s about the only aspect of time that is of no consequence concerning this story.

I recommend it.


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