Is Furcal Worth It?

LONG BEACH— So yesterday I posted about the potential of Furcal signing with the Braves. Today, let’s look at what the on field potentials would be…

Rafeal Furcal was a great lead-off man during his time with the Braves. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence, but the team has not been to the post season since he left. And the team has not had a reliable lead-off man since he left. So why not shell out the big bucks to get him? It’d solve that lead-off spot real nice.

Well, as I pointed out yesterday, the issues with the team that Frank Wren had trageted as needed improving were Pitching, Pitching and outfield slugging. Acquiring Furcal answers none of these issues. Zero. Acquiring Furcal and trading a player might, but the simple addition of Furcal does not.

If Furcal is acquired and the team goes with the plan they speak of, Kelly Johnson will move to the outfield. Saddly, this does nothing to improve the team.

Nevermind that last season the Braves had Mark Teixeira at first, moving along at the rapid pace of a slug in the early morning. Teixeira is not a fast starter. But he is still a homerun threat even if he is slow to awaken. Kelly Johnson and Rafeal Furcal are not that type of threat. This potential acquisition does nothing to address the power outage of last season.

Remember, last season the Braves had Mark Kotsay. He was a solid guy, but he had back issues. The back issues were far removed when he came to the team, but that didn’t prevent them from flaring up. Take a look at the table below.

Furcal 1146 363 467 656 .287 .352 .412 .764
Kotsay 1155 369 367 514 .286 .342 .424 .766
Furcal 4 0 1 2 .222 .300 .222 .522
Kotsay 295 89 95 120 .264 .322 .376 .698

As you can see adding Furcal to the Braves is basically adding Mark Kotsay to the Braves. It takes a centerfielder and puts him at second. Then moves a second basemen into the outfield. It does nothing to address the power or pitching needs of the team. It’s merely re-arranging the furniture on a sub-.500 team.

If Furcal does go to the Braves another move must be made. It’s just that simple.


5 thoughts on “Is Furcal Worth It?

  1. i am getting a little ticked that the only move we have made is getting Vazquez. what happened to the “get quality players for next season at any cost” approach. i am not saying we should mortgage the long term future but for crying out loud, are we any better right now than we were when the season ended? come on Frank Wren, get off your rear and make a deal.

    1. Isn’t that the truth. Frank was lauded as a great GM in the making. Then he pulled off a quick trade of Edgar for Jair and Gorkys. Too bad for him he started at the top. He’s only been going down hill since. The Glavine deal was bad. Dropping Aybar was bad. He couldn’t work out Peavy. He lost out on Burnett. Furcal played him like a fiddle. And even Mike Hampton opted for less cash to play for a team not named Braves.

      To go into the off-season saying the aim is to get two veterans to fill in the top of the rotation and only acquire a veteran who’d fill in the back of every other teams rotation is bad. It seems to only be getting worse.

  2. well, i see your point. but, lets not throw him under the bus just yet. you never know what might happen. not every deal happens before the end of december. maybe there will be some post Christmas special out there that we dont know about. i would sure love to see halladay or even aaron harang wind up in hotlanta.

  3. From Wren’s comments this morning on the Atlanta radioi state WFAN, he isn’t seeking trades anymore. Says he’d like to fill all his needs via free agency. I find that hard to fathom what with all the recent failures of his attempts in free agency.

    But you are right, there is still time. It’s just not as much time as before and there are even fewer options now than there were yesterday.

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