Kevin Frikin’ Towers

LONG BEACH— I’ve been watching this deal go down now for over two months. Peavy will be dealt.

But the thing is, Peavy is currently in the grips of a mad man in San Diego. A savage man that works without regard to the well being of fans and children throughout the world.

It had long been said that Peavy would like to pitch for the Atlanta Braves. He grew up in Alabama. Apparently his favorite team during those long Alabama summers was the Atlanta Braves. What better place to pitch than in Atlanta, only a few hours from home, for the team he followed during his wonder years?

It didn’t seem like a possibility after he signed a contract extension with the Padres. A five year deal no less. He was going to be locked up through his prime years. And for a relatively affordable price. So, my hopes dimmed for this chance occurrence.

Not until ohhh, about October 8th, 2008 did I start thinking this dream might have a chance to come true. David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote a blog suggesting he might be available. Then over the next few days more dirt came out about divorces, payroll cuts, mandates, and finally the phone calls. Frank Wren, GM of the Braves, was ringing Kevin Towers, GM of the Padres, about a deal.

Many, many reports came out speculating who might be included in The Trade. This was to be the first big move of the winder. Peavy was to be traded. He had given a list of preferred teams to Towers. There were five teams on there. The Dodgers, Astros, Cubs, Braves, and St. Louis.

Systematically it was determined, and edicts were issued. With each passing moment Kevin Towers chopped down potential suitors. Astros? No! St. Louis? No? Dodgers? Maybe…

Maybe? Oh what wonders would be… but Ned Colletti of the Dodger shot it down immediately. “I know Kevin,” he implied. “He’s going to ask for too much. Possibly because we are in the same division, and let’s face it, no team in this division is extremely strong.”

Little did the world know there was wisdom in Ned Colletti. It’s hard to fathom after the signings of Andruw Jones, Juan Pierre, Jason Schmidt and Nomar Garciapara. But it was there.

The Braves anted up. They offered a lot. Some reports had it at one major league experienced pitcher, JoJo Reyes or Charlie Morton, both young and under control for quite some time. One major league shortstop (Yunel Escobar) who is quickly making a name for himself as a true up and comer at the position. One major league reliever (Blaine Boyer). A solid kid who suffers from a syndrome known as Coxianoveruse. But moved into a more favorable environment he might thrive. And the last player in the deal? Nothing more than one of the top center field prospects in the game, Gorkys Hernadez.

Certainly this was a good deal. Right? NO! Down it went as Towers kept demanding more, more, MORE!  So, with Towers foaming at the mouth, drunk on his own power and desire to pull in an entire starting line up in the trade, Frank Wren left the room. He called it quits.

From there Towers began to spit out a long, long list of excuses. The Braves wouldn’t grant the no-trade clause to Peavy, that’s why it failed. (Ignore Frank Wren at the podium, he is not really backing out). Peavy never really wanted to go to Atlanta (Ignore the list of acceptable teams, that was a ploy).

Off to Chicago Towers went with the idea to make Atlanta regret their decision and finally pull in his haul for Peavy.  After weeks and weeks of discussions, more slanderous remarks cast towards the Braves, the Chicago Cubs GM, Jim Hendry, emerged from the dark, smokey rooms where major league deals are made and declared Kevin Towers to be completely out of his mind. The Cubs were out. Walking away.

“The guy wants way too many players,” Hendry proclaimed.

And with that, the Angels came knocking. Kevin Towers began to salivate…


6 thoughts on “Kevin Frikin’ Towers

  1. Good post. That trade for Peavy you describe was the best trade the Braves NEVER did. That was way too much talent for one guy. Granted, Peavy is amazing. But mortgaging your future for one guy isn’t going to cut it. Hope there is still a way the Braves could work it out to get Peavy, but I’m increasingly doubtful.

    I’m hearing whispers about Jon Garland nowadays. What are your thoughts there? I tend to put Garland in Russ Ortiz boat. “Prove winner” with a big ERA. Just waiting to have a meltdown season that finishes him.

  2. I wouldnt mind getting Jon Garland. He has pitched decently over the last 5 seasons. Yes his ERA is higher than what I would like to see but he eats innings much like Javier Vazquez. I have heard a few whispers about Atlanta showing some interest in trading for one of the Pirates young arms. I still believe something good will happen soon. I will say this, we had better not end up signing Randy Wolf……..Yuck!

  3. Jon Garland would be a total disaster. It would be the end of the 2009 season, before it even began. The guy is teetering on the edge of oblivion. He allows way to many baserunners in an inning and his strike out “skills” are continuously deminishing, and were practically non-existent this last season. In addition, he is a homerun machine. Not a good combination to be unable to strike out a batter yet perfectly capable of allowing base runners and capping it all off with home runs.

    I could see this team resigning itself to acquiring some level of “veteran presence” at the top of the rotation that mirrors Javier Mediocrity Vazquez. I wasn’t a fan of signing AJ, but with both AJ and Peavy out of the equation the prospects of competing in 2009 (as Wren has stated is his objective) become increasingly slim.

    Arnold Thomas: I have heard as much too about the Pirates. Maholm and Snell. I’ve heard they want the moon and Wren’s first born as well. I don’t blame them. The Pirates need to hang on to all the young affordable players they can. Just as the Braves do…

  4. I am wondering if there is an option out there that we have yet to even think about. I would love to see us get someone like Lincecum (would never happen but in a perfect world!). I know one guy i absolutely do not want to see on our team is Ben Sheets. His initials say is all!

  5. I’ve heard mention of Zack Greinke. But that was shot down by both parties. I’ve heard mention of Matt Cain, but that would have required CC going to SanFran before Sabean would even toy with the idea. Ideas are cast about including Daniel Cruz Cabrera, the washed up Orioles pitcher (still young, but washed up). Eric Bedard, the big trade turned big flop from the last off-season.

    We’ll see. Apparently Wren had good conversations and laid the ground work for trades to take place by the end of next week…

  6. Agree on Sheets and Wolf, Arnold. As for Garland, I hear your point on the innings eating, etc. We needed some innings eaters last year and in the previous few years. But while such guys are helpful in the regular season, I’m not convinced they are as helpful in the post season- especially if they give up lots of baserunners. People who give up lots of baserunners are freightening in critical games. Still- he would be solid veteran presence.

    TP- I’ve heard talk about Zack Greinke. I’ve said this before, but I like guys who have had one season early in their career where they have been shelled around and lost close to 20 games. I’m saying that in all seriousness. i think it’s healthy for a young guy with talent to go through that- to come face-to-face early with the “worst-case” scenario. Tom Glavine led the league in losses once. Greg Maddux had a miserable season early on. John Smoltz was seeing a psychiatrist at age 25 or so. They all turned into hall of famers. That might be a bit much to expect out of Greinke, but you never know what could happen in a winning environment. Of all the possibilities being tossed around, he seems like the best right now to me.

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