Good bye Chuck James.. and Good Riddance!

chuck-jamesATLANTA— The Braves officially did not tender a contract to Chuck James.  In 7 injury-riddled starts last year, the guy threw 29.2 innings, gave up 30 earned runs, 20 walks, and 10 homeruns.  After a very solid minor league career and a promising first season in the majors, much was expected of young Mr. James.  But I was never fully convinced.  The guy had a few quality games and some good stretches for the Braves in 2006 and 2007.  But he had no stamina.  After the Todd Van Poppel-like year he had last year, I tend to think he may be finished. I liked Chuck James’ story of how he made the bigs. But I think these guys that take unusual routes to the big leagues often do not last.

I know this guy is out till next September.  But I wonder who will make the sad mistake of picking this guy up? Or will the Braves continue to hold on to him in the minor leagues?


2 thoughts on “Good bye Chuck James.. and Good Riddance!

  1. Chuck James was a victim of circumstance. And I’m surprised you are lavishing so much hate on a soft tossing lefty. Last time the Braves produced one of those you couldn’t get enough of him…

    At any rate Chuck James got injured on July 31st, 2007. The Braves attempted to heal him with rest. It didn’t work. They brought him back earlier than they should have due to Frank Wrens mismanagement of roster construction. After every pitcher got injured in the 2008 opener, Chuck James was pulled back from his rehab early to fill in. It didn’t help the team, or Chuck James. Eventually the team allowed him to have surgery. Now he is out until September.

    Chuck James was non-tendered because the Braves, and no other team, is going to offer him a Major League contract. I have a feeling he will be signed by the Braves to a minor league deal…

    As you mentioned, he dominated in the minors. But he was better than you think in the majors.

    Here is his break down of his starts prior to his July 31st injury:

    Starts IP BB K ERA
    5 30.2 12 21 1.47
    10 58.1 25 38 3.24
    15 85.0 39 59 3.07
    20 111.2 48 80 3.63
    25 140.0 61 110 3.73
    30 173.0 75 133 3.38
    35 199.1 83 153 3.66
    39 224.1 91 170 3.73

    He was a good pitcher who would have filled out the back end of a rotation wonderfully had he not become injured.

  2. Good try, TP. But you gotta throw in his batting average against, the slugging percentage against, and the homeruns. I think his ERA has been helped by the fact that the bullpen bailed him out more than a few times when he would be pulled with men on base in the 5th or 6th innings and they would get him out of the mess.

    The guy would make a good batting practice pitcher.

    Or maybe we could persuade a division rival to take him. Atlanta is missing another big hitting bat for their lineup – by having Chuck James on an opposing team that we will face 18 times a year, we could just about guarantee that he would help out our offense when he pitches against us.

    Anyway – again, I like the guy on a personal level. But I do not think he is worth the continued risk.

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