Sweeny Todd


LONG BEACH— I recently had the pleasure of seeing Sweeny Todd on the stage.

I watched this film a while back. I have a fascination with Tim Burton flicks so I had to see this one. I couldn’t get into the movie. It just didn’t work for me. Even with the imaginative world of Tim Burton.

I read about this story/play before watching the movie. I found the premise interesting. It’s almost like a dark murderous version of the The Count of Monte Cristo. But, I’m not a huge fan of musicals. So going to see it wasn’t really something I wanted to do.

As I watched this crew of nine perform the entire production I was increasingly impressed. This really wasn’t so much a play as much as a traveling musical band performing a series of songs in character. Each actor/actress played an instrument, and played it well. There was no orchestra. No musicians in a box. No canned music. All of the sound came from the stage by the actors. They were very well rehearsed. In the band performance vernacular, they were “tight”.

This made the play all the more enjoyable. The acting was great. The singing was perfect. It was much, much better than the movie. And hence, I have come to the conclusion that plays are the only way I’ll ever enjoy a musical.


One thought on “Sweeny Todd

  1. This sounds pretty interesting. I never saw the movie- but I gathered it must not have been that good b/c I never heard many people talking much about it. It all sounds rather macabre, though. Not sure I’m into that.

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