ATLANTA— This is the first time in NCAA history that the #1 and #2 teams are hooking up in a conference championship game.  With Florida’s dynamic offense squaring off against Alabama’s consistent and stifling defense, this match-up has all the makings of a historic one.  Further, this is only the seventh time in NCAA history that the #1 and #2 teams have been from the same conference and have matched up during the season.  In the preceding 6 match-ups, the #1 team won 4 times.  Here are the results:

Date                       Result

Oct. 12, 1963         No. 2 Texas def. No. 1 Oklahoma 28-7

Dec. 6, 1969           No. 1 Texas def. No. 2 Arkansas 15-14

Nov. 25, 1971        No. 1 Nebraska def. No. 2 Oklahoma 35-31

Oct. 19, 1985         No. 1 Iowa def. No. 2 Michigan 12-10

Nov. 21, 1987        No. 2 Oklahoma def. No. 1 Nebraska 17-7

Nov. 18, 2006        No. 1 Ohio State def. No. 2 Michigan 42-39

For my money, I think Alabama’s got this one in the bag.ncf_u_tebow03_300 You have to remember, these Florida Gators are the team that got upset by Ole Miss in the Swamp on September 27th. Granted, since that humiliating defeat, Florida has run roughshod over the remaining teams on their schedule, outscoring their last eight opponents by a whopping 414 – 97.  But they nonetheless have shown in at least one game that they are capable of faltering.  Alabama on the other hand has been a steady, dominant force.

Here are some of my reasons why I think the Crimson Tide will roll on Saturday:

  1. Florida’s Urban Meyer is an extremely accomplished coach, having a 79 – 17 life-time record and being relatively fresh off of the 2006 NCAA Championship.  But Alabama’s Nick Saban is a very shrewd adversary, who boasts a formidable 110-48-1 lifetime record, with 1 title in 2003 (while at LSU), 2 SEC Championships, and 4 SEC West Division Championships.    Saban has a wealth of experience in big games and is an outstanding tactician, leader, and inspirer. He has restored a previously humbled Alabama to its former glory.  I like Saban in this match-up of two first-rate coaches.
  2. Florida’s Tim Tebow-led offense ranks third in the nation in points per game, averaging 46.3 points.  But Alabama’s defense is stifling.  They gave up the third fewest points per game in the nation (11.3). They also gave up the second fewest rushing yards this season (883 yards).  Strong defense is a hallmark of a Nick Saban team, and this Alabama crew is no exception. I expect them to hold Florida’s offense in check.  And Alabama is no slouch on offense – the Glen Coffee-led rushing attack will help them put some points on the board.
  3. Alabama is extremely efficient and makes minimal mistakes.  They rank 8thin fewest penalties (48) and fewest yards lost to penalties (488).  Conversely, Florida has a tendency to be sloppy, as they rank 17th in total penalties (88) and yards lost to penalties (713).  In a game I think will be close, this factor alone may tip the balance in Alabama’s favor.

ncf_a_coffee_200Alabama brings unbelievable clout to the field.  After all, this is a team that has won a record 12 national championships, 25 SEC championships, and has appeared in a record 55 bowl games (amassing a record 31 victories).  In comparison, Florida boasts a meager 2 national championships (despite all the hoopla of being a football “dynasty” for the decade of the 1990’s).

I am not an Alabama fan by any means.  But I cannot stand the Florida Gators.  So therefore I plan to be glued to my television screen, rooting the Crimson Tide to victory in this historic match-up.  This game is basically the semi-final for the national championship game and I think it is going to be an absolute blast to watch.  For once in my life, I find myself screaming: Roll Tide! 



11 thoughts on “SEC CHAMPIONSHIP: Why Alabama Will ROLL ALL OVER Florida!

  1. Not a chance that Alabama wins this game. If you look at the way Florida played after the loss to Ole Miss and consider they blew out Georgia, LSU, and FSU (all ranked). Alabama only won by 11 over Georgia, by 3 over Kentucky, by 4 over Mississippi, and by 6 over LSU. Florida did lose to Mississippi but destroyed Kentucky by 58, LSU by 30, and Georgia by 39. I think it will be a close game but Florida will win by 10-14 points.

  2. I agree Florida has been absolutely unbelievable these last few weeks. I think they’ve set an SEC record for most consecutive games with 42+ points. They have an awesome offense.

    But I’m the contrarian in this match-up. That 11 point win over Georgia you mentioned is misleading. Georgia was ranked at or near #1 at that point, well above Alabama. And Alabama completely spanked them in the first half. Georgia was able to trickle back in the 3rd and 4th quarters, but it was too little too late. Alabama has a very effective offense (to go with their amazing defense). I’m expecting Alabama to give a similar, stunning performance on Saturday.

    Agreed this will be close- but I’m still with Alabama. People are too quick to count them out.

  3. When using Florida’s high scoring games as the reason why they will beat Alabama consider this. Alabama controls the ball on offense. The running game is their best offensive weapon and thus they burn alot of clock for the points they have earned. They rely on their very strong offense to allow very little scoring by the opponent. This equals=low score. Its a very different style than Florida. What I’m saying is that Florida can’t score if Alabama can keep the ball. Alabama will win this one.

  4. Good call RonnTonn. Alabama is among the leaders in the nation in time of possession (8th, with 32 mins). By comparison, Florida is in the bottom half of the nation. That is definitely another way Alabama could really slow them down.

    Yep – I’m still all in for Alabama on this one. I’ll enjoy watching Florida go down! ; )

  5. I’m still proudly wearing my orange and blue. I think the thing we will be debating on Sunday afternoon will be should Florida be playing for another national title. The answer, YES!

  6. Don’t get too excited too soon, Arnold. After this one is over, you might be crawling out to the store to buy a Crimson shirt so you can restore some of that pride… (or better yet from my perspective, an Orange one!!)

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Roll all over Florida? I could understand “Outlast Florida” or “Edge Florida” or anything like that, but ROLL ALL OVER?

    How did that work out for you?

    Florida was just a much better team and much more talented. Nice try though.

    Miami here we come.

  8. Let me see here, exactly how did Bama roll over Florida? I know they rolled out of the stadium parking lot in their charter bus but that doesnt count as rolling over Florida. Take away Alabama’s running game and they likely wouldnt have scored but 10 points. Mr Parker Wilson is not exactly great. So, shall we all now say, Hail to the Orange and Blue!

  9. Kudos to Florida. Very well played game on both sides, but the better team won (I have to bregrudgingly confess). In the end, I had no skin in this game. My team had a miserable year and was finished long ago. I just do not like Florida and was desparately hoping for the upset. If this Florida team wins the championship, they may go down as one of the best ones in a while. They have been an absolute juggernaut since they lost to Ole Miss. And the Tebow speech after that game is already the stuff of legend. Too bad that guy plays for Florida b/c he’s such a good guy. 😉

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