DOUBLE “O” DEATH! Why I Am Not a Fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond

ATLANTA— The Quantum of Solace is definitely worth seeing in the theatres- it was all action from the very beginning.   For $10, it was worth the price of admission.  However, it was not even close to being among my favorite James Bond movies.quantum4 Daniel Craig is not only the ugliest James Bond ever, he may also be one of the worst in my mind.  Through his first two Bond films, I have made this judgment about Daniel Craig’s James Bond:  his version of the character is that of a humorless, remorseless killer.  For that reason, I find his James Bond to be unlikable. I have to admit, at various points in each of the first two Daniel Craig movies I found myself rooting against him.

The story-line of Quantum of Solace did not help. The entire premise of Quantum is that James Bond is seeking revenge for the killing of his girlfriend.  He gladly chucks his position in MI-6 to pursue his personal ambitions.  Those ambitions lead him to uncover a secret organization which is trying to usurp control over the global oil market.  Ultimately, James Bond destroys the organization and kills its leaders.

But all of the “good” that he does here is really tangential to his actual pursuit, which is raw revenge.  I found the plot-line of “revenge at all costs” to be banal and shallow. Perhaps the lowest point of the movie to me was when he discovers that a friend has been shot and wounded by members of the secret organization.  Bond had used the friend to gain access to the organization.  Upon finding him, he holds his friend in his arms as the he dies.   But once he is dead, James Bond throws his body in a dumpster and drives away.  The woman he was with protested his actions, but Bond replied coldly, “He wouldn’t have cared.”  That introduced a very dark side to the James Bond character that I thought was too raw and indifferent.  It basically put me off on him for most of the rest of the movie.

While this was an exciting and entertaining movie that I would not discourage anyone from watching, I am not impressed with Daniel Craig’s portrayal of James Bond.  I am already ready for the next lead man to step into the role.


6 thoughts on “DOUBLE “O” DEATH! Why I Am Not a Fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond

  1. Revenge not James Bondian? License To Kill. Perhaps you should re-watch it.

    Shortly after an important drugs bust, CIA agent Felix Leiter is married, but when the drug lord he arrested escapes, kills his wife and mutilates Leighter his old friend British agent James Bond seeks revenge. When “M” orders 007 to drop the matter and start a new assignment, Bond deserts Her Majesty’s Secret Service and embarks on a world wide personal vendetta to kill those responsible.

    I’ve enjoyed him as Bond. I think the new take on him is a direct reflection of Jason Bourne’s success at the box office. The masses were pretty tired of corny low brow humor spewed forth by the most effeminate men Briton could offer.

    James Bond has always been a cold hearted man. Even before Craig showed up to do the scenes. If you recall, Bond would always kill some one and then make some sly offhanded remark belittling the mans death and then casually stroll on to the next victim.

    I think what I like most about Craig’s Bond is Bond gets hurt. In the past he’d take a beating but he’d still look fabulous. And he’d do it all in a tux.

  2. Busier than a one-legged man at a buttkicking contest right now, but I want to see the movie. I haven’t seen any of the new Bonds (my last one that I really liked was Goldeneye-mostly for the videogame). The videogame for this new one looks absolutely incredible. Oh well, the bonus check is already spent this year as wifey needs a car. One day, I will get to spend my money… or the government can do it for me… Maybe they will even spend it on me…

  3. Years ago I read every James Bond book in sequence starting with the first (it takes about two hours each even if you’re a slow reader). I’ve only seen the first Daniel Craig version but in my opinion he is the closest one yet to the Ian Flaming creation—even closer than Sean Connery. As far as looks go, in one book Fleming said Bond actually had the horse-faced look of Hoagy Carmichael. The new Bond flicks are being influenced by the Jason Bourne movies which actually had more of the tone of Fleming’s books.

    In the Bond books, Bond only went on one or two missions a year and the rest of the time he had a boring desk job studying intelligence reports. He had a secretary but she was not interested in him because he more than likely would not return from his next mission and she would get a new boss. He lived in a small apartment and was constantly harassed by his landlady. His goal in life was to retire to a place in Jamaica. He married once but his wife was killed. He was captured by the KGB, brainwashed, and sent back to kill M (which he actually tried to do). The Secret Service brainwashed him again and sent him back to the KGB as a double agent. By this time, his mind was pretty much shot. So you can see that as the books progressed, they took a much darker tone than most of the movies.

    Still, I’m going to see the new Bond movie this weekend and I’m looking forward to it.

  4. I’m not sure he sucks, but the new scripts I think suck. I can’t really place my finger on it but I didn’t like the last one either.

    Moody, so your wife likes to spend your money too. I’ve learned to just turn over my paycheck everymonth. Although, I first take out my money for insurance, savings, and investing first before it’s touched.

    Hey guys why are so many conservatives for this bailout money?

    Have you read the congressional report that points out that the government has actually pledged $7.4 trillion as bailout money? Bloomberg is caring the report they also have a link to the congressional report.

    Finally, can you setup your comments so that when a response is posted it emails the email address. It’s kind of hard to read back through things to see if there was a response or not. Just a thought.

  5. Yeah – I highly recommend all of you going to see it. It was a fun movie, despite my reservations about Daniel Craig.

    I guess at the end of the day, you all are right- the story line in this one is probably not too different from some of the previous Bond movies and books. Actually, the books sound really cool the way you describe them, Justshowstogoya – I may have to go back and read some of them.

    I think my issue remains with Daniel Craig himself. Give someone else the same role, the same story, and the same lines and I think I might like them more. For instance (while this would never work), if Matt Damon did this movie, I might have liked Matt Damon in the role better. There is just something about Daniel Criag that is too dark and unlikable to me. He’s only modestly funny and he’s got a really mean look to him that just doesn’t fit with James Bond in my mind.

    Maybe growing up with Roger Moore as James Bond has badly tainted my perceptions of what James Bond should be. ; )

    Anyway – good movie and worth seeing in the theaters.

  6. I heard that he that he wanted do a Home and Away appearence :O. Not sure how true this is, has anyone else heard it? There’s a part of me that sort of wishes this is not true lol.

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