Worst World Series Ever

LONG BEACH— The stage was set. In one corner was a team with a history of failure. In the other corner, a team with a history of failure. What came of the match up was a failure.

I was looking forward to this series. I thought it’d be a seven game marathon of excitement and intrigue. The Phillies haven’t won since the early 80’s. And that was the only time they’d won in their 125 year history.

The Rays had never had a winning season let alone a World Title. After spending relatively no money and many years in the cellar the team came back. Like a champion they knocked off the two biggest spending franchises in the majors. It was an impossible dream that came true.

How could this series not be good? It even started good. A split in the dome left the hopes that this was going to be a true classic. But alas it rained on the parade. Having watched some of the worst post season umpiring in history rain seemed like a relief. But it wasn’t. It didn’t wash away the sins of this series.

It didn’t help that the main character in this series was Bud “the dud” Selig. He made too many appearances. He did make the right choice to suspend the game, rather than let the World Series be decided by a rain shortened outing. But his choice came back to haunt him.

In a time of year when American’s look for relief from reality, reality was given a massive stack of cash to crash the party. The suspended game was delayed twice. Once for more rain. The second time for a meglomaniac.

I’m glad the Phillies won. They are a good team. Plus, they did an excellent job representing the NL East. Much better than those filthy, filthy Mets ever have. Now I can rest knowing my favorite team lost because the world champion was in the same division. My team will come back some day, hopefully soon. But in the mean time, my division is on top of the world.

I wish the Rays had been able to push it to seven games. They too are a good team. I think they’ll be back soon as they are a very talented and young team. And I applaud them for going as far as they went on such a low team salary. Proof that money doesn’t solve the problem. Talent solves it. Talent on the field and in the front office.  Hopefully the team will have more fans showing up next season.


9 thoughts on “Worst World Series Ever

  1. Don’t worry TP the Red Sox will be back in the WS next year for your viewing pleasure!

    I hear both Peavey and Teixeira are being strongly pursued by the organization right now!

    Nothing like a ton of young talent (in the minors), deep pockets and a winning and brilliantly managed organization to influence those off season acquisitions! Let alone the fact that we are the City of Champions!


  2. Jake Peavy.

    Why would the Sox want Teixeira? They already have Lowell and Youkilis. Where would they play Teixeira? But if they want him, they can have him. I’ve never been so underwhelmed with a star in my life. He is not what his end numbers make him appear to be. If it were me, and I had my choice, I’d take Youkilis over Teixiera. He’s cheaper and way more clutch.

  3. Yep – pitty it was such a bad world series. Bad ratings too! We haven’t had very many good World Series this decade. They’ve all ended too quickly. Too many sweeps, not enough drama.

    This one stunned me though. I thought for sure the Tampa Bay Rays would roll. They have a ton of talent.

    LW: Don’t get too confident! These Rays are here to stay. They are young and talented with a deep rotation. Boston has some weaknesses. They are well managed and have a pile of cash, but they get older every year. Admittedly, I don’t follow them closely so I don’t know about future prospects. I just think the Rays may stay at or near the top of the division for a little while longer.

  4. Mike Lowell has a bad hip and he’s 37 years old. Youkilis would go to third and Teixeira first. Mind you these are just rumors.

    The Red Sox are young and right around the horn, (are you kidding?); and these are all starters mind you, 2B Dustin Pedroia is 25, SS Jed Lowry is 24, CF Jacoby Ellsbury is 25, LF Jay Bay is 30, 1B Kevin Yokilis is 29, RF JD Drew is the old man at 33! Say if they got Mark Teixeira to play 1B he’s 28. hat’s a very talented and young team my friends!

    Then there’s the pitching staff like starters, Jon Lester 24, Josh Beckett 28, Daisuke Matsuzaka 28, Clay Buchholz 24, and closing stud Jonathan Papelbon 27, relievers, Manny Delcarmen 26, the old man being Hideki Okajima at 32 with a number of very talented young arms and position players in the minors that will fill the slots this spring with a well chosen proven player or two!

    The Hall mark of this franchise is YOUNG, talented and grown from within!

    I’m sorry fellas but not only is the team deep, but they’re winners from the front office to the field and they have a lot of money and a rabid fan base nationwide to fill the coffers. The Red Sox are built for the long haul!

    I mean other than the Rays who’s younger and has more young talent as a team?

    I’d take Youkilis over Teixera too, but the question is would I take Lowell over Teixera right now and I’m leaning towards no although I like Lowell. He’d be a hell of an option off the bench no?

    The place the Red Sox will need serious help is behind the plate and I’m confident they will find someone and they’ve got their eyes on Jarrod Saltalamacchia of the Texas Rangers. When they focus they usually get their man and they have the young talent and the money to make it happen! I also like their back up C Kevin Cash to remain their back up, in that capacity he’s more than solid.

  5. Very familiar with Salty. He came up through the Braves orginization. He was traded for Teixeira. There was some weeping and gnashing of teeth when it happened, but the Braves already had McCann behind the plate, there simply was no room for Salty.

  6. The Hot Stove season is starting up here in Boston and the rumor is Salty or Laird and maybe a one year deal with Varitek to mentor. It’s early though so those rumors are bound to change!

  7. LordWakefield: It doesn’t look good for the Sox on the Peavy front:

    DANA POINT, Calif. — Speaking at the General Manager’s Meetings, San Diego GM Kevin Towers reported that pitcher Jake Peavy has approved a trade to five National League teams, and two American League teams, neither one being the Red Sox. The NL teams are the Braves, Astros, Cubs, Dodgers, and Cardinals, while the AL teams are the Yankees and Angels
    Alex Speier

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