Hot Little Show

LONG BEACH— As a gift to the rare, but fine, writer Brooklyn Daniel, a show was attended this week. It was Hot Little Pony.

I have lived in many places. I have seen many bands. But this band I saw Thursday at the Troubadour is one that sort of defines my early days in California.  Hot Little Pony is the cover name. The real deal was, this was a Far reunion show.

Far is an infulentual classic 90’s hardcore band that paved the way for modern emo-rock music. They split in 1998 after recording and releasing Water & Solutions. It was the second full length album of the bands career. It is a great album.

After ten years of not playing the band reunited and put on one helluva show. It was one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. They sounded perfect. As if they never stopped playing.

The night was filled with nostalgia. Friends from old memories were there in plenty. The set was strong. Jonas was full of energy. And the rest of the members were rock solid. Just as they were in the old days.

Far hammered out nearly every single song we wanted to hear. For one and one half hour Far played a set laiden with memories and perfect in execution to a sold out crowd. The rumor is Far will be playing some more. Possibly a European tour. After that much is unknown but for one night, ten years were removed from the present.

The one song not played:

Waiting For Sunday
by Far

I’m always frightened
I wear my helmet every day
I’m scared the sky might tumble down from heaven

I blame my neighbors
I wish that they’d all move away
They’re all on welfare, kill babies, pass bad laws, start all the wars

I wait for a miracle
I go to big building, I pray
I dance with demons, they whisper my fate, scare me into thinking I’m saved

We’re all so tired
We wear our raincoats every day
To keep the wet and wind and world out
Waiting for Sunday


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