Remembering Paul Newman

LONG BEACH— Paul Newman died at age 83. I awoke to this news today. This isn’t a way to wake up.

I really enjoyed Mr. Newman’s work. One of the first movies I remember watching with my father was Cool Hand Luke. I had only recently watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

His career spanned a wonderful catalogue of movies. I’ve enjoyed every film I’ve seen of his. Though I admit I haven’t seen them all. There was just something about his style and the way he went about his work that just worked. I think my favorite film of his was aside from Cool Hand Luke, was Absence of Malice. I haven’t seen this film in a long time. I think I will watch it again this weekend.

What are your favorite Paul Newman flicks? I’m interested to know.


3 thoughts on “Remembering Paul Newman

  1. A true master at his craft, but a true human being for his life off the silver screen.

    A humanist and an avowed liberal who counted among his greatest achievements being on Richard Nixon’s watch list.

    In the end Newman’s legacy will certainly be his considerable philanthropic work which really tells you something about the man.

    In the wake of the meltdown of our nations financial system as a result of white collar greed, a better example of a true human being and a great American couldn’t be found.

    God Bless Paul Newman.

  2. My favorite Paul Newman movie is from the movie which produced the photo on your website: “Cool Hand Luke.” He was cool!

    But my second favorite was “Verdict.” That was an excellent lawyer movie.

    Unfortunately, Newman had many good movies. So it can be hard to choose! He was even in a Coen Brothers movie (“The Hudsucker Proxy”) — my favorite writer/directors.

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