National Conventions or National Pastime?

LONG BEACH— As an active voter and registered independent I keep up with Politics.  This season especially.  Obama and his Wind of Change has blown across America making for an exciting election year.  Additionally my beloved Braves have sunk their ship of old broken down players making the election the only game in town.

The last time the Braves were this bad President Bush was in office and America was entering a war in Iraq.  Gulf War I (GWI for the old timers) began in August of 1990.  Military action ended in February of 1991 though no treaty was signed to declare the end of that war. For the next 15 years the nation was, for all intents and purposes, in a state of war stand off with Iraq. More like a Tepid War than a Cold War.

Today, eighteen years later, President Bush has taken action to bring the Tepid War to an end. With the successful surge, victory isn’t far. And as the war in Iraq (GWII this time around) comes to an end the Braves sink back into the rut they crawled out of.  It was a helluva run. The Best in History: 14 straight first place finishes, six one hundred win seasons, five National League Pennants, two MVP winners, six Cy Young Awards, a World Series and several No-hitters. John Smoltz went from dominate starter to dominate closer (setting the national league single season saves record) and back to dominate starter (with a plethora of arm surgeries in between).  And, depending on some ‘roid swing votes*, the Braves had teams with Hall of Famers such as John Schuerholz, Bobby Cox, Gary Sheffield*, John Smoltz, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Chipper Jones.

America is in a Change Election, excited and hungry for something.  If the campaigns won’t deliver then baseball will by serving up an October with a post season excluding the Yankees, Red Sox and Braves for the first time since 1990. And for a little spice, Baseball is aiming to include the Diamond Backs, Devil Rays and Cubs.  Two of those teams didn’t even exist back in GWI.

If baseball doesn’t excite you Obama’s ever changing election message just might.  I tuned into the convention to see what the Politics of Change looks like in action.  I wanted to know what the future would hold.  I wanted to see a political party put away the “politics of old” and embrace the politics of the future.  What I saw was the politics of old in full uniform lavished with special interest money.  I then tuned into baseball.  The Yankees and Red Sox were playing.  The Dodgers and Nationals were on another channel.  If I’m going to watch the same old I’d rather it be baseball.


9 thoughts on “National Conventions or National Pastime?

  1. =) Massasoit, you got me. Perhaps that is wishful thinking on my part. I’m cheering for the underdogs in the AL. I’d like to see the White Sox and Twins in there instead. Though the BoSox are more tolerable now that Manny is out.

  2. Massosoit: I live out here in SoCal. I have to see this guy every where now. It’s really depressing. It’ll be a real shame when he gets rewarded with a big contract for his terrible exploits to get out of Boston.

  3. Excellent, TNPaul. Congratulations on your site; very well done and most interesting! Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

    Politics – I have only one choice which is McCain/Palin. Heaven help us if the other guy should get in. Heaven help us, anyway!

    Braves – sigh. Well, the only direction to go from here is up. Thank goodness for the Nats! Basement-buffer.

  4. Thanks for stopping by CL. We’ve been trying to build up some content on the site but with only one hand it has been taking me considerable time to put out a missive. Some are easier than others. Some take several days to type up. I’ll be pleased when the hand heals.

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