NC State of the State Response Response

“Democrats believe we must create jobs by building a robust and diverse economy throughout our state. To do that we must find new and innovative ways to support small businesses.”

Larry HallRALEIGH— Aside from Larry Hall’s near robotic and vacant appearance, this has to be the most ridiculously inane response ever written by a politician. He, or perhaps his whole state party, has run out of ideas. He pays lip service to “creating jobs” and “supporting small business” then spends the rest of his rant on everything but creating jobs and supporting small business while wailing away on straw-men.

Larry Hall is adamant that education is the key to everything. Very noble of him, and I tend to agree that it is important. However, seeing as Mr. Hall and his party dismisses all ideas aimed at creating jobs, one is left to ask, for what jobs are we educating? Currently the state has high unemployment 9.2%, 2 points above the national average. If there are no jobs the unemployed will remain unemployed regardless of training.